Hello, I’m Debby J- Business Coach and Consultant. I’m the dynamic woman behind The Roots Group.

I’m passionate about supporting and empowering female entrepreneurs as they strive for excellence in both their business endeavors and personal life.

My role as a Coach and Consultant goes beyond guidance- I see myself as a cultivator, fostering growth, change and transformation in others. Providing a non-judgmental perspective and candid guidance is my specialty.

Thanks to my background, I have the unique ability to connect instantly and deeply with my clients, because it's likely I've had similar experiences.

Owning a business can be simple and living a fulfilling life can be effortless. It is within reach. I promise, because I've been in the trenches and emerged on the other side.



We all have a unique set of characteristics, skills and capabilities. The broad range of my life experiences and 20+yrs as an Entrepreneur have enabled me to develop into a one-of-a-kind Coach & Consultant.

Tap the boxes below to read how I use my unique-ness to support YOU:

  • I'm passionate about personal growth, continuous learning and professional development.¬†Anything having to do with this "stuff" comes¬†effortlessly for me. Coaching¬†and Consulting falls into this category, so for Clients- you can bet I'll always show up genuinely¬†all-in¬†to support you, in whatever way you need.
  • I'm passionate about seeing the good. I'm an eternal optimist.¬† I strongly¬†believe in the¬†law of attraction and believe¬†"what is like, unto itself will attract." However, I'm not immune to reality. So, I¬†encourage Clients to explore¬†new perspectives- a¬†different way¬†of seeing their situation that may also be true and feels better for them.
  • I'm passionate about choice and personal responsibility. I believe we all have choices, all the time. And the results you're getting are a product of your choices. If you don't like the results you're getting, you can make different choices. I¬†offer these concepts¬†to Clients and repeat them often. Understanding¬†one's power to choose and take personal responsibility is¬†empowering, and fostering a sense of personal empowerment is the ultimate goal when working with Clients.¬†
  • When it comes to operating a better business and living a better life, I've read the books, listened to the experts, taken the programs and¬†completed the courses. I've been¬†doing R&D (research and development)¬†way before¬†The Roots Group was an idea in my mind (see the "my passion" section about personal growth).¬†I've been gathering data, systems,¬†resources, tips, tricks and tools for¬†most of my life because this is my passion, and as a result- I have a library of knowledge that I've sifted through. I've tossed the complicated, non-effective, fluff stuff and kept the simple, effective, substantial stuff.¬†
  • The really good stuff is what I share for your benefit. Here's the deal...you're working your tail off. And on top of your¬†work schedule and demands at home, you don't have time to sift through the content-overloaded¬†universe to decide¬†your next best step to a better business and a better life. So, I've done that for you.¬†How do I¬†have the authority to say what works and what doesn't? See the "transformation" section and read my bio.
  • When I say my knowledge is vast & varied thanks to my background and experiences,¬†it's likely I've walked in your shoes. I've learned about personal stuff: self-awareness, mindfulness, spirituality, addiction, alcoholism and sobriety (yes, I celebrated 10 years of sobriety in June 2023), sustaining a marriage, raising children,¬†house management, chore management, weight loss, functional medicine, raising puppies, relationship management, self care, extended family issues, communication. (the list could go on) I've also learned about the business stuff: employee management, product development, marketing, operations, financial management, debt management (yes, I was once $80K in debt and paid it all without any outside help, not even from my husband), signing a lease, performance improvement plans, unemployment claims, LLCs and S-CORPs, preparing for a sale, hiring a broker, LOIs, APAs, selling a business, transitioning (and the list could go on).
  • On top of the knowledge I've taken initiative to gain on my own,¬†I¬†have my college degree and teaching credentials. As a teacher, I learned how to structure curriculum for an effective long-term program from some of the best Educators in the state of TX! (I was also nominated for Student Teacher of the Year!)¬†I¬†credit that foundational time in my life for¬†anchoring in me the skills and capabilities I still use today, to build programs and services for my Clients!¬†¬†
  • I also take my role as a Coach seriously. I want to be really, really¬†good at Coaching. As a result, I have completed over 240hrs of coach training courses over the course of 3yrs. I've also completed over 48hrs working with Mentor Coaches to¬†become more effective.¬†Thanks to this knowledge, I have even more knowledge, tools and resources to share with Clients to help them grow, change and transform!
  • I was terrible at managing my finances. I had this successful business that way making money.¬†Yet, I had no idea what I was doing. I built up $80K in debt and kept it a secret from my husband. (chose to tell him on New Year's Eve. I wouldn't suggest that, but I did start the New Year on a more honest note.) His advice was to shut down the business, but I had weddings booked months in advance. I had no choice but to figure it out on my own and educate myself on how to manage the money part of the business. And by golly- I did far better than just figure it out. I became obsessed with spreadsheets and all things financial analysis and ultimately transformed the shitshow into a 7 figure revenue business with high profits! Then, I sold it- so I could do the work I love! I absolutely love helping Clients get their money management in order! I've got resources galore and spreadsheet templates, too.
  • I had a rock bottom moment. On the outside, my life and business looked fantastic. On the inside, I was exhausted and felt like a 50lb weight¬†was constantly pressing on my chest. I used alcohol to manage my stress. It started slowly and over time, got out of control. I did things I wasn't proud of, and thanks to a¬†courageous friend, I got help and I got sober. I've had so many Clients open up about their own struggle with addiction or a family member's struggle. This part of my past now allows me to relate, so I can support from a place of deep compassion. I also have solid resources¬†to¬†provide whatever level of support they need.¬†¬†
  • I thought sobriety would solve all my problems, but I¬†had¬†another rock bottom moment. I made excuses to stay late at my work studio so I didn't have to come home and deal with more responsibility. My kids were so young, and so much of that time period is now a blur. I realized my priorities were really out of whack and I broke down to a friend.¬†She suggested I call a Life Coach. I thought Life Coaches were for rich people with money to burn, but I made the call. Little did I know...that one call would change EVERYTHING about my life.¬†
  • I worked with a MCC Level Coach (highest level of credentialing, a real badass Gal) for over 5 years. The experience transformed my life! Why does this matter for YOU? Because thanks to that transformative experience, I know what REALLY GOOD Coaching sounds like and feels like, from the Clients perspective. I use¬†my transformative¬†coaching experience (plus for my formal training; see vast & varied knowledge) to provide YOU with the space and relationship to experience a transformation on your own timeline!
  • As I grew into my own skin and gained¬†a greater awareness of self, my life and business started to settle.¬†People that no longer met my needs or the needs of the business became more obvious, and the relationships became more uncomfortable. I had to¬†cut ties with¬†several people in my business who I had relied on, depended on and leaned on way too much, because it became very clear to me that- it was time to prioritize my needs. That's when I transformed by business from what i call a "friend-factory" into an employee-operated well-oiled machine! As women, we tend to people-please and put everyone else's needs before our own. I like to say, we try to "be all, to all, at all times." I help Clients slow down and prioritize their needs, because I know how¬†much of a game-changer¬†that shift can be!
  • After the personal work came the serious business work. I had yet another breakdown to a friend about my "bitch of a business." It was getting big. I was still working 80hrs/week, yet surrounded by loads of people on the payroll. I wasn't getting the support I needed, but I knew I had the right people. This friend suggested a book¬†called Traction. I read it, self-implemented and my eyes were open to how a well-oiled machine of a business could operate! This was the knowledge I needed all along, and from what I've heard- they don't teach this in business school. (This was my "you don't know, what you don't know" moment. Once I knew, I was driven to implement, learn more and transform my reality.) Since Traction, I've read all kinds of books about how to operate a business. I use this knowledge to help Clients as a Consultant- quite simple- to operate a better business!
  • Transforming my shit into fertilizer is all about taking the yuck stuff from my past, identifying the lessons learned¬†from the experience and then using that lesson to cultivate growth (fertilizer) in¬†myself and others! Plus, it just takes the heavy out of all these rock bottom, breakdown moments. Laughter can be the best medicine.


My goal as a Coach is simple: to be really, really good at coaching, for the benefit of my clients. 

For these reasons, I have earned Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). "Anyone can call themselves a Coach, but the ICF-credentialed coaches are professionals who have met stringent education and experience requirements, and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies that set the standard in the profession." -ICF 

*The ICF for Coaches = the Bar Association for Lawyers.

"Debby is a gem. She has not only helped change our business, but she has also encouraged and nurtured me as a leader and as a human outside of work. Her infectious positivity, action oriented mindset and her practical hands on approach to coaching and consulting is one of a kind. She is a life changer, and I feel so grateful to work with her."


""Debby J is an incredibly talented, natural Coach. She has been invaluable as I searched for the right landing spot for my second career. Her values-centered guidance challenged me to capitalize on my passions and strengths. She has an amazing uplifting, positive and lively personality that makes her easy to open up to and fun to work with. Debby J is one-of-a-kind, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a sincere and deeply passionate Coach.""


"I value her presentation that is logical and helpful for the way women process information. Our brains do work differently than men and that is something to be embraced! Thank you Debby for waking up my knowledge, my confidence and my ability to move my ideas, brainstorming and dreams to a plan that is moving forward to establish a business!"


"From the very first coaching session, I felt incredibly encouraged and motivated. Debby is very skillful and has a unique ability to understand her clients, identifying their limited beliefs and help them move forward confidently towards achieving their goals."



If you're curious to know more about who I am, here ya go. My Personal Values represent who I am at my core and how I show up when I am feeling my best. The Fun Facts are meant to be just that- FUN.


  • CURIOSITY:¬†learning,¬†pondering news ways of thinking and seeing a point of view, exploring the world and having adventures
  • PASSION:¬†mastering a skill or capability, striving for excellence,¬†relentless ambition,¬†drive that feels effortless
  • BEAUTY:¬†the awe of nature¬†and¬†natural products,¬†spectacular interior spaces, rich color, intricate textures and patterns
  • AUTHENTICITY:¬†transparency,¬† unapologetically you, honesty for your own good, embracing your own power and brilliance
  • SIMPLICITY:¬†less is more, quality over quantity (not much else to say, which goes along with my value for simplicity)
  • TRANSFORMATION:¬†growth, change,¬†transforming something raw and unfinished¬†to create something better, something exceptional!


  • CERAMICS: I've been taking classes since 2019! I have a studio and kiln at my house . I wish I could play with clay all day.
  • FANNY PACKS: I have a variety of fanny packs for all occasions. You know what I love most about a fanny pack- it's efficient!
  • I CUSS LIKE A SAILOR: Here's the deal- I don't drink. I don't smoke. So my vice is cussing.¬†The good news is-¬†I do know when to turn it off and be a sophisticated, classy Gal.
  • HARRY POTTER: I'm a huge fan. HUGE. Every Christmas break,¬†we have a HP marathon and re-watch all the movies. Makes me giddy happy!
  • PE TEACHER: Yep, this was my first professional job out of college. For those who know my personality, it's no surprise.
  • MY NEXT LIFE: I'd like to be a singer and dancer on Broadway. or Comedian. or News Broadcaster. or work on a film set.¬†¬†


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(and her buddy, Maximillian Maximus Adorbs)

I'm Debby Jewesson, founder of The Roots Group, and a dynamic Business Coach & Consultant dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs in their pursuit of excellence, in both business and life.

With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and currently on my third venture, I possess the invaluable knowledge required to build a business from the ground up.

My journey began in the field of floral and event design, where I founded, operated and successfully sold two companies, producing high-end weddings in the DFW area. During my 14-year tenure at my second venture, I transformed the company into a well-structured, employee-operated powerhouse. This transformation led to seven-figure annual revenues and healthy profits, even amidst a global pandemic.

My journey was not without challenges. Recognizing the value of seeking professional guidance to navigate entrepreneurship, I hired a Coach. Through years of self-reflection and an unwavering commitment to self-improvement, I created profound, positive and lasting change- in both business and life. My success is attributed to my boundless energy, relentless optimism, insatiable appetite for personal development and steadfast commitment to mastering the art of business ownership.

What makes¬†my achievements in business impressive is that¬†I accomplished all of this without a formal business degree (though¬†I am a proud graduate of the University of Texas at Austin- Hook ‚ÄėEm!).

Even more impressive, truly setting me apart from other business owners, was my unwavering commitment to investing in and focusing on personal and professional growth within my team. I saw myself as more than just a boss- I embraced the opportunity to inspire employees to reach their fullest potential, in every area of their life. 

Applying the same dedication to mastering business ownership, I am now on a passionate journey to establish my legacy as a masterful Coach and Consultant. I invested three years in intensive coach-training programs, collaborating with esteemed Mentor Coaches, and ultimately earned my Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), an organization in which I remain an active member on both the local and national levels.

In my role as a Business Coach and Consultant, I serve as a cultivator, fostering growth, transformation and positive change in other female entrepreneurs. I offer clients a non-judgmental perspective and candid guidance, providing them a clear, objective view of their life and business. With this clarity, I guide clients to evaluate their path, create an inspiring vision for their future and develop more efficient and effective strategies to ultimately transform their own dreams into reality.

My background and comprehensive experience allows my to provide substantial value to my clients. As an entrepreneur, a Coach and Consultant, a coaching client myself and as a wife and mother of two, I have the unique and exceptional ability to instantly relate to and deeply connect with my clients. 

One guiding principle forms the foundation of all programs and services offered at The Roots Group- the quality of one's business operations directly impacts their life experience. This principle drives me to take a holistic approach with my clients, supporting other dynamic women to BOTH achieve better business outcomes and live a better quality of life.

Beyond my professional life, you'll find me globe-trotting with my husband, creating hand-crafted ceramics, hunting for vintage treasures and natural gems or courageously attempting to master the French language.


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