your foundation for an exceptional life and an exceptional business


One guiding principle forms the foundation of all programs and services offered at The Roots Group- the quality of one's personal life directly impacts their business success, and the quality of one's business operations directly impacts their life experience. For this reason, I'm deeply committed to helping clients cultivate strong roots in both their life and their business. Simply put: strong roots are the foundation for an exceptional life and an exceptional business.


Welcome to The Roots Group. I'm Debby Jewesson- a Personal Coach & Business Consultant. 

I specialize in working with ambitious, goal-oriented Female Business Owners who have worked hard and found success. Yet with that success, comes stressors. 

When business and life become overwhelming and you're feeling "lonely at the top", outside support from a Coach & Consultant may be just what you need. 

I help you slow down, step back from the daily grind, prioritize your needs and get clarity on what you want most.

With clarity, you'll start to feel more optimistic and your momentum will take a positive shift. I, then, guide you to:

  • create an inspiring vision for your future
  • strengthen the roots of your personal and business foundations 
  • start taking action on a strategic plan to transform your vision into your reality

Along the way, I'll be your Coach and Consultant. I'll also be a cultivator- fostering your growth, change and transformation. So ultimately, you can live an exceptional life and operate an exceptional business! 


My goal as a Coach is simple: to be really, really good at coaching, for the benefit of my clients. 

For these reasons, I have earned Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). "Anyone can call themselves a Coach, but the ICF-credentialed coaches are professionals who have met stringent education and experience requirements, and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies that set the standard in the profession." -ICF 

*The ICF for Coaches = the Bar Association for Lawyers.

""I can't say enough good things about Debby. She has been the best person to have in my corner, from both a coaching and consulting standpoint. She's a wealth of knowledge, a wonderful resource, compassionate, kind and so wise. Debby has helped me put my business and mindset in a better place, and the things I have implemented because of her have paid off in spades. I couldn't have asked for a better coach and am infinitely glad we connected." "


""Debby constantly offers tools and insights that have profoundly impacted and improved my day-to-day life. Her guidance has led me to greater self-awareness, deeper understanding of my motivators and pushed me to create a much clearer vision for both my personal and professional futures.""


"Just over the last 6 months, ⁠ I have seen such a positive change within myself, and Debby has been a big part of that! She helped me find the tools I needed to be my best self and prepare me for what comes next in my life and career. She is so positive, understanding, helpful, insightful and has taught me so much! I am so happy to be where I am now and know that I have all the tools I need to keep moving forward!"


"Working with Debby was hands down one of the best decisions I have made for my business! I realized within the first five minutes into our consultation that working with her would create some BIG and POSITIVE change in my business! She gave me valuable tips and tricks to get past some mental roadblocks, which opened me and my business up for reflection, solutions and overall improvement. During our calls, she challenged me by asking a series of questions that caused me to reflect on my current systems and processes, my ideal client and what I want most from my business. She helped me gain a clear understanding of the tasks I needed to do to reach my goals! She is seriously the BEST!"


"I cannot express enough my gratitude to The Roots Group in helping me launch my business in a values-driven and purpose-filled way. Debby guided me in narrowing down my niche, strategic planning and how to bring my vision to life."



Clients consistently tell me, these two Root Booster exercises about VALUES are "life-changing" and "eye-opening." Most people get caught in the daily grind and skip this kind of growth "stuff." I say- if you've got 30 minutes, try it. It's FREE!

Ready to start living a more exceptional life?

Personal Values work has been life-changing for many of my clients!

When you identify your values, it becomes easier to:

  • make confident decisions about what you're saying YES to (values aligned = energy giving, feel-good stuff)
  • make confident decisions about what you're saying NO to (values misaligned = energy draining, yuck stuff). 

Awareness of your values positively impacts your way of engaging in the world. Download my 4 Step Workbook titled Identify Your Personal Values to explore why living in your values can make a potentially life-changing difference, for YOU!

Ready to operate a more exceptional business?

Core Values work tends to get lost in the day-to-day chaos of business, yet it has been eye-opening for many of my clients!

When you identify your core values, it becomes easier to:

  • attract your Ideal Client (and repel the not-so ideal)
  • attract and retain your Ideal Employees (and repel the not-so ideal)
  • do everything in business with a greater sense of confidence and fulfillment! (really, everything)

Taking time to explore your core values will positively impact every area of your business. Download my 5 Step Workbook titled Identify Your Company Core Values to discover why operating in your core values can be eye-opening, for YOU!


I practice what I preach, engaging in the same exercises I share with Clients. Curious about my values? If we align, working together sure would be a WIN/WIN! Tap link below...


Articles, Tools & Resources to help female entrepreneurs and business owners live a Better Life and operate a Better Business


your foundation for an exceptional life and an exceptional business


I'll guide you to strengthen the ROOTS of your Personal Foundation:
  • a Clear & Inspiring Vision
  • your Personal Values
  • your Purpose & Passion
  • WHO factor (ask me about this!)
  • Priorities & What Matters Most
  • Habits, Rituals, Routines
  • Weekly Flow & 90 Day Action Plan
  • a Regular Reflective Practice


I'll guide you to strengthen the ROOTS of your Business Foundation:
  • a Clear & Inspiring Vision
  • your Company Core Values
  • Effective Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Team Structure & Performance
  • Simple Systems & Processes
  • Work Flow & 90 Day Action Plan
  • Leadership, Presence & Mindset
  • a Regular Reflective Practice


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The Monthly Growth Group is a monthly program for those wanting steady growth and support.

Whether you're wanting to improve your life or your business, you'll have time and space to explore new approaches to creating better in BOTH areas. 

Program includes a monthly theme with related growth exercises and a group coaching call with like-minded Gals, led by yours truly, Coach Debby J.

Save the date: details and registration will be available Nov. 2023, with the program launching Jan. 8, 2024. 


Root Booster exercises will support the level of growth, change and transformation YOU need.

Exercises will be available to download directly from the website. You'll have self-paced, ready when you are resources, to strengthen your personal and business ROOTS. 

For added support, you can add a 1:1 Coaching Call with me, Debby J. Think of this option as an easy way to get some quick wins and shift your energy to feeling really good!

Save the date: details and exercises will be available December 2023.



The Better Life Program is an 8 week program focused on strengthening your personal roots. If you're wanting to create positive life change, this program is for you!

I'll teach you the Better Life Framework, a simple, systematic approach to living a more fulfilling life. I'll share weekly exercises related to your personal ROOTS.

You'll create an inspiring & detailed vision with an actionable plan for living an exceptional life, year after year!

Save the date: details and program will be available January 2024.


The Better Business Program is a 6 month program focused on strengthening your business roots. If you want to transform your business, this program is for you!

I teach you the Better Business Framework, a simple, systematic approach to operating a rock-solid, well-oiled machine of a business. 

You'll strengthen your business ROOTS, steadily and over time, based on a set of Program Milestones that keep you on track to building and sustaining an exceptional business!

Save the date: details will be available January 2024.


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Whatever the message, you can trust my intention is always helping YOU live an exceptional life and operate an exceptional business!


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I look forward to helping you GROW!