I'm driven by an optimistic attitude, the relentless pursuit of excellence and the practice of consciously choosing to transform any challenge into an opportunity for growth. 

Once overworked, underpaid and over-served (all by my own doing), I'm an open book when it comes to sharing the ups and downs of my entrepreneurial journey. Thanks to the broad spectrum of my experiences, I have the exceptional ability to instantly relate and provide immense value in connecting with women from all backgrounds. 

I love opportunities to engage and inspire by:

  • facilitating Team Building Workshops 
  • speaking on one of my 8 Presentation Topics
  • having conversations as a Podcast Guest 

Topics that span the realms of personal growth, leadership evolution and mastering the art of business ownership- count me in! I'll bring my experience & expertise, along with a real-talk approach and a healthy dose of humor.



  • The University of Texas at Austin, Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Degree with K-12 Teaching Credentials; nominated for Student Teacher of the Year
  • Coach U, Inc: Certified Graduate with 240+hrs of rigorous coursework over 3yrs and 80+hrs of Mentor Coach training
  • International Coaching Federation, Professional Certified Coach (PCC): granted to those who have met strict requirements, passed an intense examination and logged over 500hrs of coaching hours with paying Clients 
  • Personal Communication Styles Inventory (PCSI) Assessment Certified Facilitator: a simple and effective Communication Assessment 




With over 20yrs of entrepreneurial experience, I've gained the invaluable knowledge, skills and expertise required to build a successful business from scratch, transform it into a well-oiled machine and do what few have done- sell it.

During my 14-year tenure at my second venture, I transformed the company from a debt-generating, friend factory into a well-structured, employee-operated, award-winning powerhouse- an achievement that is quite remarkable for someone who is self-educated on the mastery of business ownership.

What also set me apart from other business owners was my unwavering commitment to investing in personal
and professional growth within my team. More than just a boss, I embraced the opportunity to inspire employees to reach their fullest potential, in every area of their life.

Now on my third venture, my passion for empowering others reaches new heights. In my role with The Roots Group, I specialize in helping female entrepreneurs who have taken their own passion, talent or hobby and transformed it into a legit business, all without going to business school.

Based on the broad spectrum of my background, I have the unique ability to instantly connect with business owners from all backgrounds. I love being able to connect and motivate a larger group from the stage!



I speak on a variety of topics- covering both the personal and professional side of business. My goal is to bring LOADS of energy (aka entertaining) and a SUPERSIZE helping of “meat” (aka: immense value) to my audiences. For me, it’s very important that people walk away with actionable steps they can implement to create a better business and/or a better life.


Building a Loyal & Empowered Team

A framework to empower your Team, so they can own their positions and exceed expectations

Take a Coach Approach to Leadership

Confidently give direction & deliver feedback in a way that's well-received and cultivates growth

The Lifecycle of a Business

Lessons learned on the journey of business ownership, from opening the doors to handing over the keys

Build a Solid, Sell-able Business

6 simple and effective steps to clarify, tighten up, streamline and prepare for your "one day, maybe"


Living in Flow

Let go of the idea of achieving balance and shift your perspective to managing the flow of your energy instead

Manifesting Magic

Simple, practical steps and magical attraction principles to transform your dreams into your reality

Power of the Pause

How taking a moment to slow down, can actually help you move forward

Do Less, Accomplish More

A proven process to create SMART goals, plot out measurable action steps and find your  90 day rhythm

See a topic that would support your Team or Organization?


In addition to Speaking, I am available to support you and your business in a variety of capacities. We can work together in the following ways:


I love working with teams in a Team Building Workshop format to facilitate exercises that promote growth, bonding and a deeper personal connection.

Any of my signature Root Booster Exercises, business or life, are fantastic topics for a Team Building Workshop.

No matter the topic, attendees will walk away with newfound knowledge and a new perspective to move themselves and the team towards a better future.

Let's connect about your goals, so I can suggest a Root Booster topic that would be in alignment with your needs.


I am Certified Facilitator of Coach U's PCSI- Personal Communication Style Inventory. I introduce teams and groups to a simple, yet impactful assessment tool and facilitate exercises to uncover profound insights, improve their communication and fortify their bond as a team. 

This tool is comparable and equally impactful to DISC or Meyers Briggs. The biggest difference is- simplicity. In a matter of hours, attendees will walk away with actionable steps to create positive change for both themselves and the company.

The PCSI is a 2-3hr Workshop.


Need a guest who can speak about all things personal growth, leadership development and business mastery? I'm your woman! I take a real-talk approach and always add humor! 

Topics I can speak on include:

leadership, personal  professional development, BOOKS, intentional living, stress & time management, team performance, vision & strategic planning, business operations & systems. 

See a topic that stands out? Let's connect and schedule a recording. I'll prep valuable content to share or we can go with the flow.

See an opportunity for me to support your Team or Organization with additional support?


to inquire about my services, fees and rate, complete the form below or email me directly at [email protected] . I look forward to connecting and hearing how I can help.


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