I practice what I preach, engaging in the same exercises I share with my Clients. Here are my values. If we align, working together sure would be a WIN/WIN!

My Personal Values

  • CURIOSITY: learning, pondering news ways of thinking and seeing a point of view, exploring the world and having adventures
  • PASSION: mastering a skill or capability, striving for excellence, relentless ambition, drive that feels effortless
  • BEAUTY: the awe of nature and natural products, spectacular interior spaces, rich color, intricate textures and patterns
  • AUTHENTICITY: transparency,  unapologetically you, honesty for your own good, embracing your own power and brilliance
  • SIMPLICITY: less is more, quality over quantity (not much else to say, which goes along with my value for simplicity)
  • TRANSFORMATION: growth, change, transforming something raw and unfinished to create something better, something exceptional!


How do I live in my values?

  • I thrive on learning something new every day- a bit of curiosity about history sparked by a Netflix series we're watching or a deeper dive into a small town we're driving through on a road trip.
  • I know mastering a new skill is a long-term commitment that requires consistency and practice. I reflect, set intentions and track my progress daily to keep me on track to becoming masterful in coaching, building my business, hand-crafting ceramics and speaking French. Also, I LOVE to read and educate myself!
  • I'm obsessed with the National Parks- specifically Yosemite! We intentionally plan to travel to 1 NP per year. I'm also obsessed with natural products and have them all over my house. I really do stop and savor the extraordinary beauty in these products, DAILY. 
  • I also really appreciate and notice details in a well-designed interior space. you know that friend who always notices a fabulous restaurant bathroom- IT ME!
  • Simplicity- I let go of FOMO. I have systems for everything I do. I even wear the same clothes (generally) so I have fewer decisions to make. Yes, I have uniforms for myself. What can I say- it works.


TRG Company Core Values

  • FAITH: seeing the good, trusting in oneself, finding meaning and purpose in all challenges, belief anything is possible, giving grace
  • HONESTY: open communication, confidential space for sharing, candor with kindness, truth and sincerity, asking direct questions
  • LEARNING: commitment to lifelong education, exploration of all resources, knowledge is power, curiosity and wonder, open-minded
  • EXCELLENCE: passion, integrity, grit, resilience, focus to the finish, personal responsibility, accountability, ironclad commitment
  • EFFICIENCY: simplicity, trust in the process, frameworks for betterment, objective mindset, straight-talk, common sense
  • TRANSFORMATION: processing, developing, creating a better way, forward movement, evolution, unfolding, becoming exceptional!


How do I embody my TRG values?

  • I encourage clients to have faith, give themselves grace and I extend that same grace to them.
  • I remind clients that every challenging experience is meant to provide us contrast (what do we want less of and what do we want more of) and meaning, so we can learn lessons, expand, and become more capable, more confident and stronger.
  • I encourage clients to be open and honest in our conversations, for their own good. i provide a confidential space where clients can be their true self, saying what they truly believe, think and feel, so they can process, design action and move forward.
  • I love sharing resources to support a client's growth. I also encourage clients to be resourceful, themselves. if you can be self-reliant, you can figure out how to do anything!
  • I provide really simple solutions, in the form of frameworks, to help clients live a better life and operate a better business!
  • I meet clients where they are, supporting them to become better each day, on their way to exceptional! I LOVE my work- it  lights my soul on fire!

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