I specialize in working with Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who have taken their passion, talent or hobby and transformed it into a legit business, all without going to business school. With grit, determination and whole lotta resilience, you've found success, yet that success comes with challenges.

Whether those challenges are big or small, I help my Clients align:

  • the outsiders perception-  what clients, colleagues and the public see, believe and experience to be true about the business, in relation to the delivery of the product and/or service
  • with the insiders perception-   what the employees and contractors see, believe and experience to be true about the business, in relation to the behind the scenes operations 
  • and ultimately, with the owner's reality- what you, as the owner are currently seeing, believing and experiencing, in relation to your company AND your life, overall

I work with Clients to explore, expand and improve the way they live their lives AND the way they operate their business, so what others perceive is congruent with their needs, intentions, hopes and dreams, as the Owner. Operating your life and your business from a place of alignment is more smooth, fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Most importantly, it's more fulfilling, profitable and sustainable for you, as the Owner! 




Tap the questions below, see if you relate. If you feel like I'm reading your mind, then you would greatly benefit from our working together.

  • you've owned a business for more than 1 year and you've experienced a level of success that's telling you to keep going (most small businesses close before the 5yr mark, and there's good reason for that)
  • you have a strong sense of grit, passion and drive for owning a great business, yet have done so up to this point without a formal business degree or training (did you know- most Doctors run their own practices without a business degree or formal training? anyone can run a business. my clients come to me because they want positive change, they want to operate BETTER business)
  • you have a team of employees to lead, manage and hold accountable (you might be a master at leading a team, however if you're running your business like a "friend factory," you'll get no judgment from me. I did that for years. I can help you shift your "people-pleasing" tendencies so YOUR needs become the priority)
  • you have some degree of stress, personally and/or professionally, that comes with growth and expansion, and that stress is impacting your outlook and productivity in life, and your efficiency and effectiveness in business (most people refer to "feeling stuck" or "in a rut." some people say they're overwhelmed, overworked or on the verge of burn-out. i recommend to create change before you're forced to create change.)
  • you have a desire to grow and develop themselves as a human, so you can improve your ability to lead their team, operate your business and serve your clients (basically, you really care how other people see and receive you, because you're conscious, self-aware and really dig self-improvement).


  • you want better ways to manage and reduce your stress. you want to make time for self care and, while none of this is easy, you do understand it's time to prioritize YOU (this is the #1 topic i speak to clients about in coaching conversations. as women, we spend so much time taking care of others, i can help you take care of YOU, while still having regard for those you care about).
  • you want more effective ways of managing your time. you'd like to simplify your life and start delegating in your business. you feel overloaded by all your responsibilities, and you've had a "be all, to all, at all times" mentality that is exhausting you. (this is the #2 topic i speak to clients about in coaching AND consulting conversations. if this is you, i've been there, and i can help.)

  • you want to upgrade your leadership and communication skills. you recognize the influence you have on others, and you want to make a positive impact, even if it's by having a difficult conversation (this is the #1 topic i talk about in consulting conversations, primarily related to employee management. i've got loads of experience in this area, however i love tapping into a clients wisdom with coaching,  before suggesting scripted dialogue you can keep in your back pocket).

  • you want a life that feels easier, lighter. you want more confidence, more clarity. you want more time with your family and you want to feel present (not distracted).

  • you want to work ON the business, not just IN the business. you want tools and resources to help running the business feel easier. you want to have more energy, so you can re-kindle that same passion you had when you started this thing.

  • you need to reserve time with yourself- to slow down, step away from the daily grind and prioritize you. when you wear so many hats, this seems impossible.  taking a few hours each month to prioritize your growth is the first step towards creating a better future! (most clients have 2 [60min] coaching calls per month. even after the first call, that 1 hour ignites a momentum shift. clients feel more positive, more capable, more confident. and that's just after 1 session! that feeling compounds with every coaching call, ultimately leading clients to create to positive and sustainable change!)
  • you need space to think, ponder and process your thoughts, beliefs and feelings. you need someone to listen without judgement, yet with an edge of honesty and compassion. you need someone to listen without giving you advice or telling you what you "should" do (most of us are surrounded by well-intended family and friends who love sharing advice or what you "should" do. in the coaching world, we call that "shoulding on yourself." as a Coach, I believe YOU ARE THE EXPERT OF YOU. You know what's best for yourself, you just need space to access your internal wisdom. I can help you tap into you).  
  • you need some level of guidance (not just someone who listens and asks questions) and some shiny new tools and resources to support the upgrades you want to make in your life and business. You appreciate frameworks and structures, books and podcasts, systems and processes. (I've got oodles of tools and resources, and clients find it valuable when i share experiences and insights as a Consultant. I always ask "would you like me to respond in this conversation as a Coach or Consultant?" Clients appreciate BOTH, so I share equally in both roles).
  • you need support from someone who has walked in your shoes, has likely had the same experiences, can listen without judgement and can help you start living a better life and start operating a better business! (I like to say i was overworked, underpaid and overserved- all by my own doing. i felt like i ran a friend-factory, not a legit business. i hit rock bottom, more than once, and i took my pile of shit and transformed it into fertilizer for one helluva fabulous life and an extraordinary business! i can help you do the same!)


I offer experienced Coaching guidance to help you strengthen the ROOTS of your personal foundation and implement the Best Life Living Masterplan- a new way of living your life! I also offer expert Consulting guidance to help you strengthen the ROOTS of your business foundation and implement the Legit Business Framework- a new way of operating your business. Intrigued? Keep scrolling...


Overwhelmed? Out of balance?

This is a 1:1 coaching program for women who want to create positive change and learn a new way to live a better life. 

Over 6 months, a series of 12 (60min) calls will help you strengthen the ROOTS your personal foundation. I'll teach you the Best Life Living Masterplan, complete with exercises and resources to support steady, sustainable growth, year after year.

In just 6 months, you'll feel more at ease, aligned, focused and clear. Clients say they "feel lighter" and simply "happier".



Exhausted? Stressed? On a rollercoaster?

This is a 1:1 consulting program for women who want to create positive change and learn a new way to operate their business.

Over 6 months, a series of 12 calls will help you strengthen the ROOTS of your business foundation. I'll teach you the Legit Business Framework, complete with exercises and resources to support sustainable business growth and your development as a leader and owner.

Operating a business doesn't have to be so complicated. I'll show you how.



Running hair on fire? On a hamster wheel?

This is a 1:1 coaching and consulting program for women who want to create significant, positive change in both their business and their life. 

Over 12 months, a series of 24 calls will help you strengthen the ROOTS of both your personal and business foundations. I'll teach you both the Best Life Living Masterplan and the Legit Business Framework. 

At the beginning of the program, one Client shared it was "mind-blowing." After 14 months, she said it was "life changing." 


""Due to Covid-19, I was laid off from my event job in March 2020. I had a successful side hustle for several years, so I talked to Debby and she encouraged me to pivot and pursue growing my business when I suddenly found myself with the time to pursue my passion more full-time.""


""As someone who coaches high school students through the college application process, Debby's expertise in coaching is so helpful not only to grow my business, but to be a better coach and mentor to my student.""


""I have been able to create a solid foundation because Debby has inspired me to set Core Values, a Mission Statement, and packages and information so that I am approachable to my potential clients.""


""What would have been overwhelming became attainable. She helped me set goals and give me homework to work through the process and grow in the midst of a bleak time. Instead of wallowing in my circumstances, I embraced the change and have emerged stronger thanks to Debby and The Roots Group process. I will forever be grateful that she equipped me with the confidence and skills to be a great small business owner and help others in the process.""




If you're here for a reason, it's likely because you’re facing the same struggle or challenge again. You set a goal and have fallen off the wagon. You set an intention to change a habit and BOOM, you’re right back in the same place you started. You’re tired of trying. You’re out of ideas and you’ve given up hope of ever seeing a goal through to achievement. 

You can take comfort in knowing this is common for most people. Change is hard. It requires honesty and a high level of self awareness. And without a strong reason behind your desire to change, you’re left without the emotion needed to remind you why you are trying to change in the first place. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.


Hang in there because I can help. 


  • an increase in self awareness (how are you showing up and what are the results you're getting)
  • a willingness to explore new perspectives (different ways of showing up so you can get better results)
  • a commitment to taking actions that will move you forward towards something better (without follow-thru, words are just great ideas that keep you exactly where you are)
  • an internal drive to hold yourself accountable to that commitment (when you're internally motivated to take action, you become an empowered, unstoppable force)
  • a systematic & comprehensive (for business) and rhythmic & holistic (for life) framework to help you stay aligned with your big picture vision, quarter after quarter, year after year- ultimately developing strong ROOTS to help you sustain a BETTER BUSINESS and a BETTER LIFE! 

While there’s no quick fix when it comes to creating long-term, sustainable change, powerful coaching conversations and expert consulting guidance can help you move forward at a steady pace, adjusting to shifts in awareness, new perspectives and new results in a way that makes the positive changes stick. Slowly and over time, you become a better version of yourself.


So, how does coaching work? 

1 on 1 sessions are 100% confidential. I ask a series of powerful questions. I guide you to access your own internal wisdom- exploring what you want, what you don't want, what matters and what doesn't matter. I reflect what I hear you saying about your beliefs, biases, assumptions, limitations and blocks. The conversations awaken new insights, new perspectives and shifts that ignite positive change.

What makes a coaching conversation so powerful is the lack of judgement. In this kind of conversation, you have the freedom to be yourself and to be 100% honest, for your own good. My opinion has no place in our conversations. In this space, you can access your own internal wisdom and design actions you're internally motivated to take (which means you're more likely to actually do it).  

While I love co-creating and brainstorming, as a Coach, I won't ever give you advice and tell you what to do (which is rare in conversations you're having with friends, family and colleagues who have the best of intentions when sharing "you know what you should do..."). The ultimate goal is coaching is bringing you to a place of empowerment, where you trust yourself and take action for your own good.

What Clients do love is the variety of tools and resources I share to reinforce the changes you’re experiencing along the way. Whether it's related to creating a better business or better life, I have exercises, books, podcasts, online programs and even youtube videos that can help you move forward.


So, how does consulting work? 

In the consulting work I do with Clients, I'll share all I've learned and experienced in my 20+ years as an Entrepreneur. I share lessons learned, resources, and loads of materials I've created for my own business so you have an example of where to start.

As a Consultant, I save Clients time, energy and money. You don't have to go searching through content-overloaded world for that "right thing" to do. I've been in your shoes and I've tried all the "things." Using the knowledge I attained with my Education Degree, I've created systems and programs (curriculum) to share it all with you in the most simple, easy and effective way possible. 

I'm an open book, so you can count on me to share stories as examples of what you can do and what you might want to avoid (trust me, I've had plenty of struggles and fails). I'll also share templates and examples of all that "business-y stuff" you'll need to create and implement in your better business. 

I may offer strong guidance or make recommendations, however what you do is always your choice. I won't ever get offended if you don't take action on my guidance or recommendation, because I make it a practice to not be attached to your outcome. While I want the best for you, your outcome is your responsibility. 


WHAT'S MOST IMPORTANT: I really want all my clients to feel confident in their decision to work with me as their Coach & Consultant. So, I offer 1 (60 min.) complimentary Discovery Call before any Program begins.

We'll cover:

  • Your Roots Assessment (where you are and where you want to be)
  • What is the difference between Coaching & Consulting
  • My role/responsibilities and Your role/responsibilities 
  • The Program Options & Flow (which Program is best for you, right now)
  • The Agreement, Terms and Confidentiality
  • The Onboarding Process

Take the first step towards creating positive change and schedule your Complimentary Discovery Call below!



This 6 Month Program, includes 12 (60 min.) calls conducted virtually, over the phone, EASY-PEASY! 

This is a journey to strengthen the ROOTS of your personal foundation using the Best Life Living Masterplan.

The goal is to help you get from a Point A- a state of stress, overwhelm, procrastination, frazzle- to Point B- a state of alignment, focus, purpose and fulfillment! 

From the beginning, I'll give you an overview of the Best Life Living Masterplan. During our sessions, I'll guide you through monthly exercises to strengthen your ROOTS. We'll discuss your vision, values, your purpose, your passion and your WHO factor. You'll create goals and design habits that support the life you want. You'll walk away with a 90 Day Action Plan to empower you to continue taking action towards creating & living a better life!

This program includes personal coaching.



This 6 Month Program, includes 12 (60 min.) calls conducted virtually, over the phone, EASY-PEASY! 

This is a journey to strengthen the roots of your business foundation using the Legit Business Framework.

The goal is to help you get from a Point A- a state of stress, anxiety, overwhelm and reactivity- to Point B- a state of clarity, focus, momentum and flow! 

From the beginning, I'll give you an overview of the Legit Business Framework. During our sessions, I'll guide you through monthly exercises to strengthen your ROOTS. You'll define your Company's Vision and Core Values. We'll talk about how to create an effective sales & marketing strategy, manage your team, and outline systems and processes for greater efficiency and productivity. You'll learn how to create a 90 Day Action Plan and we'll also talk leadership, so that you feel ready and empowered to continue operating a better business!

This program includes business consulting.



This 12 month program, includes 24 (60min.) calls conducted virtually, over the phone, EASY-PEASY!

This is a journey to strengthen BOTH the roots of your personal and business foundation.

The goal is to help TRANSFORM you AND your business. This is BIG! (yet i promise to keep it simple)

Over the course of a year, I'll teach you both the Best Life Living Masterplan and the Legit Business Framework. You'll slow down and take a look at where you are, both personally and professionally. We'll explore challenges and blocks that are holding you back personally and identify the ROOTS of your personal and business foundation that need shoring up. You'll receive materials and support to fortify your business and strengthen your leadership, confidence and mindset as an Entrepreneur. I also provide an outline of Milestones to aim for, so we can measure your progress and celebrate your success, along the way, so that ultimately you're living a better life and operating a better business!

This program includes both personal coaching and business consulting.


This personal and business foundation, ROOTS-strengthening stuff can be a little abstract to understand. I get it.

I want all my clients to understand how I can help them. I also want Clients to feel confident in their decision to work with me. 

So, I offer 1 (60 min.) COMPLIMENTARY Discovery Call.

We'll cover:

  • Your Roots Assessment 
  • The difference between Coaching & Consulting
  • My role/responsibilities and Your role/responsibilities 
  • The Program Options & Flow 
  • The Agreement, Terms and Confidentiality
  • The Onboarding Process & Next Steps

Take the first step towards creating positive change and schedule your complimentary discovery call today!

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