And What Else...?

In Coaching Calls, Clients often feel helpless, to some degree. Some are stuck and don't see any options available for how to move forward. Others are out of ideas and have trouble seeing what choices exist.

The reality is- we are surrounded by options and choices every day, yet our schedules are so packed that it's challenging to find time and space to process our thoughts (our BEING) and our actions (our DOING). Time spent on a Coaching Call allows Clients to slow down and step into a more positive mindset to see those options and choices. 

That's where this powerful question comes into play:

  • First, I invite Clients to source their own inner wisdom and open themselves up to what's possible with a broad question such as, "How do you see yourself moving forward?" or "What choice do you have?".
  • Then, I ask "And what else?"
  • And guess what- I ask that question 2 or 3 more times. 

The result-  With powerful questioning and space to think, brainstorm and consider options (without judgment), the Client and I co-create solutions! And in a matter of minutes, a Client's energy SHIFTS from helpless to empowered, all because of a simple question!

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