Recalibrate Your Work/Life Balance

Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Or have you been working your tail off and need a little break to re-calibrate your work/life balance? I've got a simple Coaching Question and steps you can take to prioritize 1 thing each day for YOU!

What is 1 thing you can do to make today a ______ day for you? (insert the word that represents the FEELING you want to have today)

So much of our daily lives are run...

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And What Else...?

In Coaching Calls, Clients often feel helpless, to some degree. Some are stuck and don't see any options available for how to move forward. Others are out of ideas and have trouble seeing what choices exist.

The reality is- we are surrounded by options and choices every day, yet our schedules are so packed that it's challenging to find time and space to process our thoughts (our BEING) and our actions (our DOING)....

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A Question to Help Clarify Your Values

...is another 2 Part question...

PART 1: Think about a time when you were frustrated. What value/s were not being met?
PART 2: Think about a time when you were really happy. What value/s were being met?

When you become clear on your PERSONAL VALUES, you begin to understand what drives and motivates you. You can then use this understanding to make more informed decisions about future goals, roles, activities and even people that align...

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A Simple Question with BIG Potential

What matters MOST, to ME, right NOW?

When you FEEL your mind racing or your thoughts scattered, this simple question can be quite powerful. Take a moment to breathe and become present, then ponder your answer to this question. 

The three keywords to pay attention to are: MOST, ME, NOW. Consider the question without those words: What matters? Alot of people ask themselves this question; however without the...

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Broaden Your Perspective

...is actually a 2 Part question.

PART 1: “On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate _______?”

In stressful situations, our emotional response can range from mild (1) to extreme (10). A more extreme response results in more ENERGY being drained from the body (which means less energy available for the things we love). Over time, stress takes a toll on those who mindlessly live in the upper extremes.

When I notice this...

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