A Question to Help Clarify Your Values

...is another 2 Part question...

PART 1: Think about a time when you were frustrated. What value/s were not being met?
PART 2: Think about a time when you were really happy. What value/s were being met?

When you become clear on your PERSONAL VALUES, you begin to understand what drives and motivates you. You can then use this understanding to make more informed decisions about future goals, roles, activities and even people that align with your values. 

The result- a higher level of satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment. THIS is what's possible when you begin to live in your values!

CREATE: Engage with Part 1&2 of today's question by sitting in a quiet spot with a journal or blank piece of paper. Answer each question by writing down whatever comes to mind, without any judgement of yourself or your answers.
Journaling not your thing? That's ok- just sit, ponder and see what POPS up. (and breathe, too. don't forget to breathe)


It'll be worth the read!

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