The end of a beautiful journey…

The Roots Group is not my first rodeo as a business owner. I’ve had a second business for the past 14 years, until now. With that said, I’m thrilled to share the news:
Since founding Branching Out in 2009, I knew what I was setting out to accomplish. My goal was to build a great company that I could one day pass on to a successor who wanted to “branch out.” (Yes, the company name was strategically chosen...

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An Intentional Pause...

Have you ever felt a little overwhelmed and wished that you could just hit the "pause button" on life? Today, I'm giving myself permission to do just that.

I'm in a season of life that involves significant transitions in multiple areas- for ME (and my family), for BOE (Branching Out Events) and for TRG (The Roots Group). With so much change happening, I've had to get very clear about what is and what is not a priority (my "what...

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Top 4 Topics I Discuss in Consulting Conversations, Part 2

Recently, I shared Part 1 of an article titled the Top 4 Topics I Discuss in Consulting Conversations.  In Part 2, continue to read about how I approach Consulting conversations related to Topic #3: Systems and Processes and Topic #4: Time Management. 

3. Systems & Processes

For Clients who want to talk about stress, overwhelm and challenges related to their Team's performance, a...

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Top 4 Topics I Discuss in Consulting Conversations, Part 1

Recently, I shared an article titled the Top 4 Topics I Discuss in Coaching Conversations. Curious to know the most commonly discussed topics of my Consulting conversations?

In this (2 part) article, I'll be sharing the Top 4 Topics I Discuss in Consulting Conversationsbecause I'm equally passionate about the Consulting work I do with Clients.


1. Employee Management

For most Business Owners, it's...

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Top 4 Topics I Discuss in Coaching Conversations


The most powerful coaching conversations begin with a clearly defined topic. Even when a Client comes to the call with a broad subject, my job is to help them narrow the focus into a topic that can be discussed 1.) within a 60min time frame and 2.) with the intention of creating some kind of forward movement as a result of the conversation.

Wondering what those topics are? Here’s a list of the Top 4 Topics I...

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Discovering and Defining Your Purpose

Our purpose is the reason for our being, our existence. Some describe purpose as- "what gets me out of bed in the morning." When your energy is low and your plate is full, purpose can help PULL you forward to DOING.Exploring and defining your purpose can be immensely helpful, especially before setting your yearly goals. Any time you align your goals with your bigger WHY, your doing becomes more meaningful in the grand scheme of...

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Living In Your Values

As you navigate the journey of life, you (sometimes unknowingly) choose to orient around your wants, desires, needs or values. We all go through seasons in which one of these factors is the primary force influencing our way of being and doing in the world. What's interesting is- whatever force you choose to be driven by heavily impacts the level of satisfaction and fulfillment you're currently experiencing.

Wants and desires are...

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I’ve been taking a break…

I went a little MIA! Did you even notice?

We hosted a party, celebrated the holidays with BOTH sides of our family and said goodbye to our week-long houseguests. It’s been a packed holiday season, and I’ve enjoyed setting the writing/content-creating part of my work aside for the past several weeks so that I could focus on what matters most- connecting with family and friends.

So much of my life is lived behind...

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The Reward is in The Review

Assessments have become quite popular. Most of us have engaged in some kind of an assessment, whether it's a requirement for work or because it's a popular craze that everyone's doing. From Enneagram and Myers Briggs to DISC and 16 Personalities, people love to share and compare their results.

Results can be fascinating and fun, inspiring people to walk away from analyzing assessment results with the best of intentions: I'm going to...

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Have a More Enjoyable Holiday Season

Are you scurrying around gathering gifts and decking your halls? 'Tis the season for hustle and bustle. Take a little pause to prime yourself emotionally and mentally, so that you can have a more enjoyable holiday season.

Here are 3 simple steps you can take to approach each day with a more positive, optimistic mindset:


I encourage you to start and end each day visualizing WHO you want to be as you engage with others...

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