Getting to the Root of Your Issues

In any business, issues are going to arise- obstacles, problems, challenges, kerfluffles. Your ability to succeed is directly proportional to your ability to solve those issues.


Most leaders/teams do more discussing than they do solving. This can be frustrating and exhausting for everyone involved, especially when the work load is heavy, time is limited and efficiency is crucial.

What's draining your energy isn’t...

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4 Steps You Can Take to Delegate Confidently and Effectively


Whether beginning the entrepreneurial journey as a solopreneur or initially launching with a full Team, delegating effectively is quite possibly one of the biggest challenges for Business Owners.

As your business grows, so do the demands on your time, energy and focus. The increasing demands become overwhelming and a need for change becomes obvious; however, you're stuck in the daily grind keeping the business afloat and...

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A Simple Shift to Boost Your Energy

Shifting Your Energy

It happens almost every time. I begin a coaching call with a Client, and they're feeling overwhelmed or stressed, to some degree. Their energy is low, however I know that's why we're on the call in the first place. 

Most of us move through life focusing on what we didn't do or didn't do well. This mentality literally draws more of that yuck energy TO you, sending you into a downward, negativity spiral. 

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Respond vs. React

Respond vs. React

When I drew this topic out of my bronze box of ideas, my mind immediately went to the power of a PAUSE. Here’s what I mean…

In even the most challenging situations, we have the power to choose how we behave. We can respond or react. One behavior can lead to possibilities and solutions, while the other can lead to more challenges.

Responding is a positive way of behaving, rooted in a “think before...

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Identify Your Ideal Client

Ideal Client

As much as I love talking about the mental and emotional aspects of personal growth, I get ENERGIZED by conversations about the strategic and operational topics associated with my Consulting work. Which brings me to today's random topic...

Why is it important to Identify your Ideal Client?

When you know exactly who you want to serve, you can tailor your marketing and sales efforts to ATTRACT more of those people...

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Finding Common Ground

Common Ground

In Coaching, we believe in a set of 9 Guiding Principles (GPs)- fundamental principles or truths about the nature of people. GP #1 is: People have something in common. This brings me to today's topic...

As humans, so much about each of us is unique, yet we all possess a common inner quality: we all need and desire love, respect and being of value. This is our common ground of being.

People often lose touch with it,...

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Balance...what is it to YOU?

Today’s random topic out of my bronze box of ideas…

Balance- what is it to YOU?

The first thought that comes to mind when I read this topic is…is there really such a thing as “balance?” I talk to Clients about this A LOT.

I’m picturing a seesaw on a playground. Perfect balance would look like the same amount of weight applied to each side and then- no movement, perfect stillness, perfect...

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