My Famous Granola Recipe

Okay, maybe not celebrity famous, but my grain-free, sugar-free granola recipe is pretty well-known amongst my friends and family. One of my friends calls it "crack!" If you're into health and nutrition, I'd love to share the love (and potential addiction) with you!


(disclaimer: I have no plans to be a recipe blogger, so pardon my simplified format)

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A Resource Aligned with My Values

When I was teaching Women in my Workshop about VALUES this past month, a few of my own came to mind: authenticity, mastery, knowledge, growth, simplicity....

A few years ago, I discovered an INCREDIBLE resource that aligns with so many of my values- Masterclass.

You may have seen their advertisements pop-up on your Instagram feed. Masterclass has a wide variety of online classes taught by celebrities and well-known...

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The Power of Reiki

Discovering ways to better your life on a deeper level is something that can be a challenge, let alone finding someone to help you navigate your way to that better life. I have discovered a fascinating, hands-on form of healing that supports vitality, vibrancy, and well-being—Reiki.

Using a Japanese technique called Reiki, Laura Tulumbas, who began practicing yoga for herself in 1998 and teaching others in 2002, channels...
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Are you Ready to Create Your 2022 Vision?

Introducing a NEW! Workshop designed to help you reflect & acknowledge where you've been, so you can clear & pave a path to where you want to go. Create an inspiring, empowering, one-of-a-kind plan that will ultimately help you transform your vision into reality!

You might be feeling like you want something MORE out of life. Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed or like life is passing you by. 

You might feel...

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Breaking Down "The Rules For Being Human"

Life has a way of challenging us, however Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott offers a different (and more empowering) perspective in her "Ten Rules For Being Human" from her New York Times Best Seller "If Life is a Game, These Are the Rules."   

The Rules For Being Human

from Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott's NYT Best Seller "If Life is a Game, These Are the Rules"

Rule One: You will receive a body. You may love it or...

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How to Improve Organization and Communication Within Your Business

Finding a SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE resource to help upgrade the way you organize and communicate within your business isn’t always easy, but we have managed to hit the jackpot with Basecamp!

In 2004, a software company known as Basecamp created a platform for businesses of any size, to SIMPLIFY the style in which a business can operate. In 2015, I personally integrated Basecamp at Branching Out...

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