The Power of TED- a Small yet Mighty Book

The Power of TED, The Empowerment Dynamic by David Emerald

This small little book packs a BIG PUNCH! It's on my TOP 4 FAVORITES list!

Written like a fable, the author takes the reader on a journey with his fictitious character, David. He meets a pair of wise strangers who guide him from feeling like a "Victim" to becoming a "Creator."  

Author David Emerald weaves impactful, potentially life-changing knowledge into a heartwarming story. The simplicity of the story line makes it a quick read. 

Playing off Stephen Karpman's Drama Triangle, involving three roles- Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer, David Emerald offers a more empowering way of being, involving three alternative roles- Creator, Challenger, Coach.

"These new relationships are the powerful antidote to the Victim, Persecutor and Rescuer roles of the Dreaded Drama Triangle. By assuming the Creator Orientation, you enter a whole new set of dynamics that support rather than sabotage your happiness. It's called the Empowerment Dynamic." -The Power of TED

Reading this book SHIFTED my entire perspective related to WHO I was being in challenging situations. We all get to choose how we show up- why not choose a more empowering way?

My favorite takeaway is found in one of the last chapters, where the author suggests a new way of noticing one's choices. He offers an outline for daily reflection, beginning with gratitude and ending with defining 3 baby steps you can take today to create a better way of being. I have been following this outline for years in my morning reflections, and I can attest to it's simplicity and effectiveness!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading this book, however if reading isn't your thing, sign up for David Emerald's weekly newsletter here on his website. I receive so much value in each short read, and often forward them to my Clients, employees or friends who may relate to that week's poignant message.



It'll be worth the read!

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