4 Steps You Can Take to Delegate Confidently and Effectively


Whether beginning the entrepreneurial journey as a solopreneur or initially launching with a full Team, delegating effectively is quite possibly one of the biggest challenges for Business Owners.

As your business grows, so do the demands on your time, energy and focus. The increasing demands become overwhelming and a need for change becomes obvious; however, you're stuck in the daily grind keeping the business afloat and see no way out. At some point the stress is too much, and you realize that you cannot be all, to all, at all times.

Enter the need to delegate...

Delegating effectively enables a Business Owner to lighten their load and ultimately, step away from the daily grind and work ON the business, not just IN it. The paradox lies in first mastering the art of effective delegation, before freedom can be attained.

Before I dive into my tips on how to effectively delegate, I'll share some common objections that prevent Clients from delegating in the first place:

  • "I'll have to go back and fix something that's not done right" (the 'I might as well just do it myself' challenge)
  • "I'll have to train someone on how to actually do the work" (the "I've got to invest time to get time back in return" challenge)
  • "I'll have to stop what I'm doing to give directions and provide feedback" (the "I've already got too much on my plate, how will I fit this in" challenge)

Do any of these objections sound familiar? Have any of these objections kept you from delegating in the past?

If you answered YES to either of those questions, I can help because I've been there. Based on my own experience as an Entrepreneur AND loads of trial and error...

Here are 4 Steps You Can Take to Delegate Confidently & Effectively:

1. First things first: clarify the task, expectations and desired outcome in detail

  • Establish clear STEPS to take from start to finish (systems to follow, Company protocol, resources to utilize)
  • Set clear BOUNDARIES for when to ask for help, provide status updates and make decisions without asking permission
  • Define a clear TIME FRAME and due date
  • Be HONEST about YOUR needs and how performing this task with excellence can support your needs
  • Speak OPENLY about the big picture contribution the person(s) will make when successfully completing the task/project (so they have some stake/ownership in the game)

2. Next: supplement the "what you DO want" with clarification on "what you DON'T want"

  • Further CLARIFY what qualifies the delegated task/project as incomplete or sub-parr
  • Share the pitfalls you know to watch out for and how they can avoid them along the way
  • Be honest and candid about your own EXPERIENCE, even if it's shocking (insert personal stories of your own failures and mis-steps)

3. Always: open the conversation up for Q&A before allowing them to fully dive into the task/project

  • ANSWER any and all questions as thoroughly as possible, and make sure they fully understand the explanation before moving on
  • Let them know that you're EXPECTING more questions throughout the process (remember to patiently welcome those questions)
  • ENCOURAGE them to reach out for help if they are struggling (short term investment of your time for the long term gain of MORE time)

4. Be Sure To: check in to receive regular progress reports and status updates

  • CHECK the quality of the work and provide clear and direct feedback
  • If the work is on track, ACKNOWLEDGE what they are specifically doing to reinforce that behavior (saying "good job" is okay, but not as effective as "I appreciate you taking initiative to reach out to the vendor to get that measurement")
  • If the work is SUB-PARR, be direct and specific about how to meet expectations (it's ONLY with your honest feedback, they have the opportunity to grow and improve)(read that again if you avoid giving feedback because you worry about hurting other people's feelings)
  • SEIZE any opportunity to train and help further advance their skills and capabilities (so ultimately they can take MORE off your plate)

One last thing to keep in mind, the person(s) to whom you've delegated WANTS to succeed, so be sure to over-communicate throughout the process so they can have a WIN and OWN the next task/project with confidence and enthusiasm.

Delegating DOES get easier, with practice and patience.

Follow these tips. NOTICE the results you get. And as always, let me know how it goes.

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P.S. This photo is from one of the first BIG weddings my Team at Branching Out Events did 100% independently without me! From the initial consultation & the overall event design to the actual production & installation- they NAILED IT! What did I do? I supported them throughout the process with Q&A, training and feedback. Then on the day of the wedding, I walked into that ballroom and acknowledged, recognized and PRAISED all their hard work, dedication and resilience! It was a proud moment, for all involved!


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