The Simple Practice of Mindfulness

Good Morning, I Love You by Dr. Shauna Shapiro

The most impactful self-care a woman can gift herself isn’t tangible or edible, it’s emotionally-based: the simple practice of mindfulness.

Dr. Shauna Shapiro wrote a beautiful book on the subject titled, Good Morning, I Love You. She talks about mindfulness as the practice of:
-setting an intention (what matters most)
-paying attention (to train and stabilize our focus in the present moment) and
-shifting our attitude (to one of kindness and curiosity)

This is an easy, peaceful read that inspired me to start noticing how I was being and doing in the world, in comparison to how i wanted to be and what i wanted to do. Shifting my attitude to being more kind and curious with myself  took the edge off my perfectionist tendencies (i tend to be very hard on myself). 

I like to add PLAY WITH IT to her list. Adopting this mantra has allowed me to be less serious (most thing aren't a matter of life or death) and more forgiving  when my intentions don't unfold as planned. 

In case you're into scientific facts and research findings, she shares plenty of that knowledge, too. I find it all FASCINATING!

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