Respond vs. React

Respond vs. React

When I drew this topic out of my bronze box of ideas, my mind immediately went to the power of a PAUSE. Here’s what I mean…

In even the most challenging situations, we have the power to choose how we behave. We can respond or react. One behavior can lead to possibilities and solutions, while the other can lead to more challenges.

Responding is a positive way of behaving, rooted in a “think before I say/do” mentality (aka. living with intention). A simple 8-10 second PAUSE before saying or doing anything can significantly change the outcome you receive and the chain of events to follow.

Reacting is typically a negative way of behaving, rooted in action without intention. Sometimes reacting is a good thing- like when you yell at someone to “move” so they don’t get hit by a car. However, in most cases in our daily lives, so many of us default to reacting, which leads us to encounter (attract) more negative stuff.

This is a topic that comes up A LOT with Clients. I notice the biggest shifts when Clients 1. fully understand & embrace their power of choice and 2. practice a PAUSE before making their next move.

Next time you’re facing a challenge, big or small, take a PAUSE and think…What choices do I have? And how can I RESPOND to get a positive outcome?

-Debby J


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