Top 4 Topics I Discuss in Consulting Conversations, Part 1

Recently, I shared an article titled the Top 4 Topics I Discuss in Coaching Conversations. Curious to know the most commonly discussed topics of my Consulting conversations?

In this (2 part) article, I'll be sharing the Top 4 Topics I Discuss in Consulting Conversationsbecause I'm equally passionate about the Consulting work I do with Clients.


1. Employee Management

For most Business Owners, it's probably no surprise this is the #1 Consulting topic I discuss with Clients. If you want to grow your business, you're going to need to lead others and delegate. Both require people management.

In conversations related to this topic, I hear about challenges such as being confident in asking for help, holding people accountable, setting clear expectations, lack of time for training, giving effective feedback and letting go of people pleasing tendencies (i.e. worrying about hurting other people's feelings).

To help provide support, knowledge and ultimately relief in this area, I share what I've experienced and learned as a Business Owner myself over the past 20yrs. I share stories about various approaches I've taken and the conversations and outcomes that unfolded as a result (what worked and what didn't work). I'm an open book about the good, the not-so-good and the ugly moments I've had as a Business Owner.

I also share knowledge I've acquired from the additional educational resources I've explored, such as books, programs, presentations and workshops. One of the most impactful and informative programs I've engaged in was titled "Managing Yourself and Leading Others," (part of the Harvard Division of Continuing Education). In this program, we explored the various ways we can choose to show up as a Leader in order to get the results we want and bring out the best in others. This high level, in-person program was definitely an investment monetarily, however, I found the 2 day experience a worthwhile excuse to get away and solely focus on myself and my professional growth. And now, I can share my newfound knowledge with YOU!

Side note: I also brought 2 Gals from my Branching Out Events Leadership Team. The experience strengthened our team and bolstered their confidence as Leaders.


2. Company Vision

Most Business Owners are hustling in the daily grind and trying to keep up with the demands of a growing and successful business. Many are focused on what they "should" be doing, rather than slowing down to consider what they want most for their future. Enter Company Vision...

A Company Vision is the foundation from which everything else in a business is built upon. No, it's not a traditional Business Plan- it's more purposeful and impactful than a document you'd present to a bank for funding. This is for YOU, your business partners and for your Team. A Company Vision helps you get off the hamster wheel of the daily grind so you can become more intentional in your decision-making and action-taking.

Most Clients have no idea what I mean by Company Vision, therefore, I share the pieces of the Company Vision puzzle and the potential impact of defining each: Core Values, a Purpose/Mission Statement, a Niche and 1yr/3yr/10yr goals.

When I help Clients define these pieces and get clear about where they want to go, they can then create a 90 Day Action Plan (see Topic #4 in Part 2) to get there more efficiently and smoothly. The ultimate results are:

  • they're able to design the day/week around doing things that will move the needle closer to their ultimate goals
  • they can more easily discern and prioritize how to spend their time/energy (making it easier to say "no") and
  • they start getting the results they want sooner than expected, with less stress and feelings of overwhelm

I am SUPER PASSIONATE about helping Clients slow down and get clear on their Company Vision, so their entire entrepreneurial journey and the daily grind for everyone involved is just easier and more enjoyable (thus, as a secondary benefit- an inspiring Company Vision plays a significant role in building a positive culture within the company: see Topic #1).


Have you found VALUE in exploring the Top 2 Topics?

Check back next week for Part 2, to read about how I approach Consulting conversations related to Topic #3: systems and processes and Topic #4: time management. 

Curious about the difference between Coaching and Consulting? Check out my article titled Coach. What does that even mean?

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