Top 4 Topics I Discuss in Consulting Conversations, Part 2

Recently, I shared Part 1 of an article titled the Top 4 Topics I Discuss in Consulting Conversations.  In Part 2, continue to read about how I approach Consulting conversations related to Topic #3: Systems and Processes and Topic #4: Time Management. 

3. Systems & Processes

For Clients who want to talk about stress, overwhelm and challenges related to their Team's performance, a non-existent or unclear system/process is typically at the root of the issue. Without a well-defined,(ideally) documented system/process for "what you do" and "how you do it," employees are left to go willy-nilly, making their own decisions about how a task is carried out, a product is created or a service is fulfilled- which as you can imagine, results in a consistent flow of issues to manage.

When I ask Clients if they have systems/processes defined, documented and shared with their Team, most say "no." They're embarrassed, as if they've done something wrong. MOST say they don't have time to invest in such a thing because they're just trying to keep up with the daily grind.

I encourage them to keep in mind that: they've done nothing wrong, they're not alone and there are valuable lessons to be learned in all struggles.

MOST Business Owners don't slow down and take time to document systems/processes.

  • Without them: the growth potential and sustainability for BOTH the Company and the Owner are LIMITED (i.e. when you're constantly putting out fires, you'll eventually burn-out)
  • With them: the Company WILL run more efficiently and more smoothly, creating an environment that's ripe for UNLIMITED growth potential and positioned for sustainability

I guide Clients to systemizing in 3 simple steps:

  1. STEP ONE: Start by creating a system/process for the most impactful or problematic "thing" your Company does
    • either your way of delivering the Company's core/signature product/service OR the area of the Company where you're having consistent issues
  2. STEP TWO: Document the high level steps from beginning to end
    • ideally, identify 3-5 main steps with 3-5 supporting points; keep it simple, sister
  3. STEP THREE: Share the new system/process with everyone on the Team
    • get everyone on board, on the same page and in agreement moving forward

I highly recommend working through these steps and creating systems/processes with the whole Team. Even if a Business Owner is inspired to get started on their own (which is how I typically like to work), refining the system/process with the Team's input helps them feel valued for their insights. After all, they're the ones responsible for following the new system/process, so allowing them to share input means they're more likely to buy-in and follow the new system/process.

The paradox to investing time in all this systems/process work is that Clients ultimately have MORE time to invest in actions that move the Company forward (see Topic #2). With everyone rowing in the same direction, there are fewer issues to solve.

4. Time Management

Last, but certainly not least is the topic of- "I feel like I could work all day long and still not get everything done" (i.e. HOW in the world am I going to create the positive changes and achieve the goals I want to achieve in my Company?). This is essentially time management.

If you've read my article titled Top 4 Topics I Discuss in Coaching Conversations, you'll notice this topic also showed up as #4. In Coaching conversations, my approach to this and any topic is to ask powerful questions that allow Clients to access their inner-knowing. I like to say "you are the expert of you" to encourage Clients to trust that they already have the wisdom within to know what's best for them. They just need the time and space to process and connect with that wisdom, in order to decide their next best step.

My approach as a Consultant begins when I offer Clients the option: how would you like me to move forward in this conversation- as a Coach or a Consultant? Those who choose Consulting typically do so because they're curious about what suggestions I may have and how I've approached time management, in relation to productivity, in my own Business.

I introduce how to create a 90 Day Action Plan- a strategy for a quarterly flow that:

  • outlines a Weekly Work Flow focused on what matters most (priorities; what MUST be done at a minimum)
  • includes regular weekly Team Meetings with an agenda (to support consistent communication, review and accountability) and
  • breaks down the big ideas/goals into the SMART goals with achievable action steps that are spread out evenly over the course of 90 Days (to shift from talking about change to taking action to slowly create long-term, sustainable change)

A 90 Day Action Plan is a GAME CHANGER! With a clear, simple strategy for HOW to move forward, Clients no longer feel like they have to do, do, do. They trust the strategy they've thoughtfully created, follow the Plan and when they've completed their daily/weekly assigned tasks, they can be content with stopping where they are (no longer feeling like they MUST do more in order to be productive). They enjoy more calm, more presence and a greater sense of balance and flow in their overall life.


There you have it- the Top 4 Topics I Discuss in Consulting Conversations. If you missed Part 1, tap here to read about Topic #1: Employee Management and Topic #2: Company Vision.


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