Embrace Change and Emerge Stronger

As a Personal and Professional Development Coach, it is my goal to help provide you with a space to slow down, process your current reality, step into a more empowering mindset, and create the future you want. 

What do my Clients have to say about their Coaching experience...

"What would have been overwhelming became attainable. She helped me set goals and give me homework to work through the process and grow in the midst...

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Adapting For the Future

Understanding the importance of skills that cannot be created by machine helps us to change and adapt to our ever-changing world.

This weeks post is equal parts simple and short.

If you, or someone you know, needs a mood booster, and you've got 11 minutes to spare, click here to watch a BEAUTIFUL VIDEO titled "The Adaptable Mind."

You will learn what they call "The 5 Skills at The Core of Thriving in Today's...

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How to Improve Organization and Communication Within Your Business

Finding a SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE resource to help upgrade the way you organize and communicate within your business isn’t always easy, but we have managed to hit the jackpot with Basecamp!

In 2004, a software company known as Basecamp created a platform for businesses of any size, to SIMPLIFY the style in which a business can operate. In 2015, I personally integrated Basecamp at Branching Out...

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quick favor...

I am working on my outline for a NEW PROGRAM- a Creating Your 2022 Vision Workshop (or as I've been saying 2020- Take 2!) . 
NOTE: I am planning to offer this Workshop to ALL Women, whether you:
• own a business
• work in a business or 
• work in your home 
• (yep, that's right- I'm opening this up to all Women out there, whether you work for yourself, someone else OR have chosen to...

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4 Tips in 40 Seconds to Connect and Find Common Ground


Today's 4 Tips in 40 Seconds...

4 Steps you can take to CONNECT and find common ground in everyday conversations:
1. be PRESENT (engage without distractions to show respect and listen more effectively)
2. LISTEN more (talk less and see value in another's point of view)
3. go with the FLOW (enter into conversations without an agenda, co-create and see what comes up)
4. practice POSITIVE REGARD (see and honor another as unique, without...

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Finding Common Ground

Common Ground

In Coaching, we believe in a set of 9 Guiding Principles (GPs)- fundamental principles or truths about the nature of people. GP #1 is: People have something in common. This brings me to today's topic...

As humans, so much about each of us is unique, yet we all possess a common inner quality: we all need and desire love, respect and being of value. This is our common ground of being.

People often lose touch with it,...

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Introducing 4 Tips in 40 Seconds!


Introducing a new series of posts titled 4 Tips in 40 Seconds.

In this series, I'll be sharing 4 tips- 4 thinking nuggets to ponder, 4 action steps you can take- all in ONLY 40 seconds. (I promise) Each video will be unedited, raw footage, though I will be speaking from bullet points to make sure you receive some valuable takeaways to keep you moving forward.

Stay tuned for more quick videos coming your way every week.

And be...

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Gain Clarity, Direction and Confidence

As a Personal and Professional Development Coach, it is my goal to help you connect with the wisdom that lies within so you can make purposeful decisions about your business and your life.

What do my Clients have to say about their Coaching experience…

“My coaching experience with Debby and The Roots Group continues to be amazing! On so many levels, her coaching has impacted my whole person. I've gained clarity,...

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Broaden Your Perspective

...is actually a 2 Part question.

PART 1: “On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate _______?”

In stressful situations, our emotional response can range from mild (1) to extreme (10). A more extreme response results in more ENERGY being drained from the body (which means less energy available for the things we love). Over time, stress takes a toll on those who mindlessly live in the upper extremes.

When I notice this...

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Balance...what is it to YOU?

Today’s random topic out of my bronze box of ideas…

Balance- what is it to YOU?

The first thought that comes to mind when I read this topic is…is there really such a thing as “balance?” I talk to Clients about this A LOT.

I’m picturing a seesaw on a playground. Perfect balance would look like the same amount of weight applied to each side and then- no movement, perfect stillness, perfect...

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