And What Else...?

In Coaching Calls, Clients often feel helpless, to some degree. Some are stuck and don't see any options available for how to move forward. Others are out of ideas and have trouble seeing what choices exist.

The reality is- we are surrounded by options and choices every day, yet our schedules are so packed that it's challenging to find time and space to process our thoughts (our BEING) and our actions (our DOING)....

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A Resource Aligned with My Values

When I was teaching Women in my Workshop about VALUES this past month, a few of my own came to mind: authenticity, mastery, knowledge, growth, simplicity....

A few years ago, I discovered an INCREDIBLE resource that aligns with so many of my values- Masterclass.

You may have seen their advertisements pop-up on your Instagram feed. Masterclass has a wide variety of online classes taught by celebrities and well-known...

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Top 4 Topics I Discuss in Coaching Conversations


The most powerful coaching conversations begin with a clearly defined topic. Even when a Client comes to the call with a broad subject, my job is to help them narrow the focus into a topic that can be discussed 1.) within a 60min time frame and 2.) with the intention of creating some kind of forward movement as a result of the conversation.

Wondering what those topics are? Here’s a list of the Top 4 Topics I...

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Take Your Life and Business to the Next Level

As a Personal and Professional Development Coach, I can help with more than just the logistics and planning side of your business; I can help you feel more motivated and encouraged while achieving your goals.

What do my Clients have to say about their Coaching experience...

I LOVED hearing such POSITIVE feedback from my Client Ruth, aka Wedding and Events by Ruth, about her experience in...

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4 Tips in 40 Seconds to Practice Mindfulness


Today's 4 Tips in 40 Seconds: 

4 Steps you can take to practice the Art of Mindfulness
1. set an INTENTION (what matters most)
2. pay ATTENTION (to train and stabilize our focus in the present moment) and
3. shift our ATTITUDE (to one of kindness and curiosity)
4. PLAY WITH IT! (try not to take life so seriously and laugh off your mis-steps)

The first 3 steps are from Dr. Shauna Shapiro's beautiful book titled, Good Morning, I Love...

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The Simple Practice of Mindfulness

Good Morning, I Love You by Dr. Shauna Shapiro

The most impactful self-care a woman can gift herself isn’t tangible or edible, it’s emotionally-based: the simple practice of mindfulness.

Dr. Shauna Shapiro wrote a beautiful book on the subject titled, Good Morning, I Love You. She talks about mindfulness as the practice of:
-setting an intention (what matters most)
-paying attention (to train and stabilize our focus in...

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Boost Your Mood in 4 Simple Steps

Today's 4 Tips in 40 Seconds...

When it comes to shifting your energy, what I know for sure is the stories we tell ourselves have power. Be mindful to CHOOSE a good feeling story. If you’re not feeling “in the mood” to be positive or happy, try a “mood booster.” 

4 Tips on How to Boost Your Mood When You're Feeling Blah:
FIRST-  RECOGNIZE that you feel blah and DECIDE you want to change that
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A Simple Shift to Boost Your Energy

Shifting Your Energy

It happens almost every time. I begin a coaching call with a Client, and they're feeling overwhelmed or stressed, to some degree. Their energy is low, however I know that's why we're on the call in the first place. 

Most of us move through life focusing on what we didn't do or didn't do well. This mentality literally draws more of that yuck energy TO you, sending you into a downward, negativity spiral. 

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Discovering and Defining Your Purpose

Our purpose is the reason for our being, our existence. Some describe purpose as- "what gets me out of bed in the morning." When your energy is low and your plate is full, purpose can help PULL you forward to DOING.Exploring and defining your purpose can be immensely helpful, especially before setting your yearly goals. Any time you align your goals with your bigger WHY, your doing becomes more meaningful in the grand scheme of...

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Need a Confidence Boost from a Relatable Gal?

As a Personal and Professional Development Coach, I can help with more than just the logistics and planning side of your business; I can also help boost your confidence and empower you to achieve your goals.

What do my Clients have to say about their Coaching experience...

This is a testimonial from my 1 on 1 Coaching Client Noemi. She works within a large global organization and had a BRILLIANT idea for a...

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