An Important Distinction

In Coaching, a distinction is a deeper dive into exploring the subtleties of language. We assign meaning to the words we choose, and that meaning influences our thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Our choice of words can have a positive or negative impact. 

Let's explore the distinction between ADJUSTED & TOLERATED, with the intention of broadening your perspective & increasing your awareness, so the meaning you assign to each word is more likely to result in more productive and positive behaviors and choices. 


"Because the world is constantly changing, humans need to adjust to new situations, problems and opportunities, some of which may be uncomfortable because they call for growth and change. 

To tolerate means to compromise one's values, boundaries and standards for some linear reason. Eventually, tolerations build up and the person shuts down or explodes. 

Briefly adjusted to is a choice; toleration is a reaction."

(source: Coach U)

Now, your thoughts? What comes up for you when you read these distinctions? 

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