Workshop Reviews Coming in HOT!

Over the course of 4 weeks in January, I guided 10 EXTRAORDINARY Gals through the process of creating an inspiring and motivating plan for their year in for my Create Your 2022 Vision Workshop.

The reviews are in, and I am THRILLED to share what 2 participants had to say about their experience.


Roxana shared...

BEFORE the Workshop: "I felt nervous because I was going to be speaking and sharing while others listened to me! A part of me was excited and curious to take the workshop because I knew that it would help me see areas in my life where I need to get better at!"

AFTER the Workshop: "I feel like I have a more clear understanding on what my goals should be and a bit more liberated to hear that other people have similar views as me. I also feel more motivated to meet my goals and change things about myself!"

Most valuable TAKEAWAY: "MY VALUES. What values I want to feel like I have. What I want others to see me as! (ex: successful & fearless)"


Katy shared...

BEFORE the Workshop: "A little nervous. Unfocused, unmotivated and unorganized in a lot of aspects of personal life. Happy, but also frustrated with some of my habits."

AFTER the Workshop: "More focused, more motivated. I feel like although I didn't have any HUGE revelations, it was nice to have time carved out to think about how I want to live my life, and to have support from a group. For me, it's motivating to see other people discuss what they're struggling with and see them also light up with motivation and encouragement. It was also helpful to have things simplified so much. It can be overwhelming to think - "I have to solve all these habits all at once". And it was so helpful and encouraging to hear that baby steps are where to start. You don't have to have a huge grand "reset". That makes it much more approachable."

Most valuable TAKEAWAY: "You can take small, simple steps to build the life you want. It doesn't have to be a dramatic HUGE life shift. Small steps and focusing on your priorities and who you are can get you there."


As a BONUS for attending the Workshop, the entire Group of 10 Gals was given access to 3 FREE MONTHS of a BRAND NEW Program: my TRG Monthly Personal Growth Group!

WHAT's this NEW Program? It's an idea I've had in my head since I launched TRG in January 2020. With a new outlook on life and plan for the year, I want to support my Group Gals to stay committed to their vision. The best way to do that is with a monthly check-in AND support from other Gals just like them. Essentially, my TRG Monthly Personal Growth Group is an opportunity to continue creating the life you want!

Each month highlights a growth topic to strengthen your personal foundation. Before each Session, I post details about the topic and a related exercise to get you pondering and thinking. During the Sessions, we review the topic and exercise, then spend the majority of our time together discussing, in both groups and break-out rooms. The group meets every month on the 2nd Wednesday at Noon CST.

HOW can YOU join this NEW Program?

  • There's a prerequisite- a TRG Foundations First Program.

WHEN is the next TRG Foundations First Program available?

  • Be on the lookout for NEW Program announcements coming in March!


Need a little support before then, email me at [email protected] . Let's chat about how I can help. 



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