It's been a while. Where do I start...

Hello Hello!

It’s been a while. Even as I sit here, well-intentioned to connect, I think to myself…where do I start? I’ll start with a simple re-introduction.

Personally, I refer to myself as Debby J. I’ve been a Texan all my life- raised in Longview, graduated from college at UT Austin and now I live in Dallas with my husband, 2 kids and a house full of animals. I love ceramics, exploring our National Parks and hot yoga. My favorite color is yellow, and I consider optimism my greatest strength.

Professionally, I am an Entrepreneur, Coach & Consultant. I had a short career as a PE teacher and volleyball coach, then shifted to becoming a floral designer in 2000. Since 2009, I’ve been the proud owner of a floral design & event production company called Branching Out Events. In 2020, I launched a coaching & consulting practice, The Roots Group. What’s the common thread that binds my varied career journey:  my passion for all things personal and professional growth and my deeply rooted sense of awe in the power of transformation.

Over the past 20+ years as a floral designer, I still find even my closest friends aren’t sure what to call me. I hear: “This is my friend Debby. She’s a wedding planner/an event planner.” I even hear “She owns a flower shop.” The funny thing is, none of those are accurate, yet even when I kindly correct and re-introduce myself as “the owner of a floral design & event production company,” I get a puzzled look that reminds me…clarity and simplicity are key. Now I say “I own a floral design company.” (still doesn’t describe the magnitude of what we do, but it’s simple language people can understand)

Now that I’ve added Coach & Consultant to my resume, I hear people refer to me as “a Small Business Coach,” “Business Coach” or even “Life Coach.” There’s a little bit of truth to each of those, however none cover the full scope of what I do. In the spirit of clarity and simplicity, I say “I’m a Coach & Consultant for Females Entrepreneurs & Women in Leadership.” (broad, yet more narrow)

As I get back on track, consistently sharing and connecting with all of you, my hope is that you will get to know me better, begin to understand what I do beyond the broad job titles, and most of all, fully understand what I can do to help you.

Until next time, I’m sending you GOOD VIBES,

Debby j

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