4 Tips in 40 Seconds to Connect and Find Common Ground


Today's 4 Tips in 40 Seconds...

4 Steps you can take to CONNECT and find common ground in everyday conversations:
1. be PRESENT (engage without distractions to show respect and listen more effectively)
2. LISTEN more (talk less and see value in another's point of view)
3. go with the FLOW (enter into conversations without an agenda, co-create and see what comes up)
4. practice POSITIVE REGARD (see and honor another as unique, without judgment and criticism)

BONUS step: SEE THE GOOD in others
If you are having a hard time finding common ground with someone, keep this in mind...In the world of quantum physics, there is no such thing as negative energy, only positive energy (which many, in real world context, equate to love). So where there is negativity, there is only a lack of positive energy, or a lack of love.

If you are willing to CONNECT and find common ground, try an act of kindness or LOVE and see what happens!

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