The Power of Reiki

Discovering ways to better your life on a deeper level is something that can be a challenge, let alone finding someone to help you navigate your way to that better life. I have discovered a fascinating, hands-on form of healing that supports vitality, vibrancy, and well-being—Reiki.

Using a Japanese technique called Reiki, Laura Tulumbas, who began practicing yoga for herself in 1998 and teaching others in 2002, channels energy into the receiver by laying hands on different parts of the body. In turn, the receiver is pulling the energy from the universal life force to support and heal their body. This energy healing is amplified with the use of crystals laid on the body as a grid.

Through Reiki, Laura offers her knowledge of body awareness and energy to help others become aware of the imbalances in their body, heart, and mind and the ways to shift those imbalances for a positive life change.
Laura has a gift for soothing the parts of me that are unsettled and shifting the parts of me that are stuck. It's hard to describe how I feel after each session, however I feel very heavy, very grounded into ME. It’s a feeling I carry with me for days, and that feeling reminds that a positive-energy me is a  better me!

Visit Laura’s website to view her full list of services, including yoga, ayurveda, and reiki. To schedule an appointment and discover what can change in your life with this positive energy source, contact Laura here.


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