I’ve been taking a break…

I went a little MIA! Did you even notice?

We hosted a party, celebrated the holidays with BOTH sides of our family and said goodbye to our week-long houseguests. It’s been a packed holiday season, and I’ve enjoyed setting the writing/content-creating part of my work aside for the past several weeks so that I could focus on what matters most- connecting with family and friends.

So much of my life is lived behind the scenes of what you see on my blog and Instagram feed. To most, I’m an extrovert, however I also have an introverted side of myself that likes to keep most of what I do private. As a result, I’ve never prioritized posting about my personal life on social media, and honestly- I have to really work on consistently posting professionally (though, it's a stretch worth making, considering the work I do).

One thing I do prioritize and consistently engage in is reflection- daily, weekly, quarterly and yearly. Looking back at where I’ve been and what I’ve accomplished helps me acknowledge the growth, change and transformation I’ve created for myself.

In an effort to stretch myself and share, here are a few of my personal and professional highlights from my 2021:

  • Throughout the year, I guided a trio of business owners through a custom-designed 14 month Business Transformation Program. I'll be sharing their personal reviews of the Program at some point, however for me personally- Coaching and Consulting them to create an immense amount of positive change in the business has been some of the most REWARDING work of my professional life!
  • In January, I gathered a group of spectacular women and launched a Coaching Cohort called the Whipper Snapper Gals! There are 7 of us total, spanning the globe from Lake Tahoe to the shores of the River Thames in England. We meet monthly via Zoom to support each other and share our knowledge. We're having our first in-person retreat September 2022!
  • In February, I tested positive for Covid. Yep, I got pretty darn sick. I was down for about 5 full days, then just dog-tired for another 5 days. I never lost my sense of taste or smell, and my symptoms were that of a bad flu. I consider it a highlight because I am thankful to be in good enough health to have avoided the hospital or more serious repercussions.
  • In March, I stepped back into practicing the 90 min Hot 26/2 Yoga (formerly known as Bikram). I had some lower back and hip issues and figured all that detoxing done in 105 degrees just might help me heal. A week ago on December 23, I celebrated my 20 year yoga-versary (my friend Jess took me to my first Hot Yoga class on 12/23/2001). I still step into that hot, humid environment and say to myself "I f*%#cking LOVE this shit!" (my passion for the yoga brings out the sailor-mouth in me)
  • In April, I went on the very first college visit with my daughter, Madeline, to SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design. What a phenomenally creative place! She has since been accepted and received a scholarship offer! She's still waiting to hear from a few other colleges, so no decision yet as to where she will land in Fall 2022.
  • In May, I graduated from the first level of Professional Coach Training at Coach U, a 15 Month investment. Then, I turned right back around and registered for the second level of training, another 15 Month investment. The experience has been life-changing and is helping me get one step closer to becoming really good at coaching!
  • On June 3, our son turned 16 yrs old! I now have both kids driving, which has resulted in FREEDOM for all!
  • On June 10, I celebrated 8 years of sobriety! Yes, that's right, I don't drink. And I thank God for making this life-changing decision every day!
  • Late June, we watched our son compete in the USVBA National Volleyball Tournament in Kansas City, Mo. He played his heart out and made the All-Tournament Team! (1 of 15 boys in his division to receive the honor) Who knows what this upcoming season will bring for Spencer, however we're gearing up for a season packed full of tournaments in Orlando, St Louis, Tulsa, Austin, Carrollton and Las Vegas!
  • Mid July, we celebrated my mother-in-laws 80th birthday in Utah. We hadn't seen each other since November 2019. It was a joyous time to re-connect and as a bonus, we went to Zion National Park and hiked The Narrows!
  • In late July, my 2 sisters (they're twins) and I threw a party for our parent's 50th wedding anniversary! Most of the family was able to join, and we spent 2 full days reminiscing, laughing and even shed some tears. I remember looking around, present in the moment during the party, in amazement at what my parent's love and commitment to each other had created! What a milestone!
  • In August, I installed one of the most beautiful floral installations of my career for the opening of the new Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma, for my floral Company Branching Out Events. The color palette was jewel-toned and the floral variety was full of texture! Most of all, the Client trusted me & my Team to bring their vision to life, so I got just let my magic-hands do the work! I don't install very many events anymore, so this highlight was extra special.
  • In September, we adopted Davey, a 115 lb St Bernard. I had been wanting a puppy, however my husband was really against the idea (who can blame him). I ran into a friend who suggested adopting an adult dog. Somehow, the timing was just right- I inquired about adopting Davey, filled out the application, took Max to visit (had to make sure they were compatible) and within weeks he arrived at his furr-ever home with us! He has been an absolute joy and so much of our daily lives has been better with his presence.
  • Between October and November, I went to 2 weddings and a funeral. Sounds like the movie, right? As strange as it sounds, I was able to re-connect with long-lost friends and family at both the happy and the sad occasions. The funeral was for a man I called Uncle Ron. He lived an extraordinary life and had a decorated military career (played an instrumental role in bringing down the Berlin Wall and even jumped out of a plane in Vietnam with a parachute that didn't deploy- and he lived to tell the tale!). He left behind a beautiful family, whom I consider to be my family. Beyond the sadness, I am very thankful to have fortified my bond with them.
  • And lastly, in December I took my daughter, Madeline, to NYC to celebrate her 18th birthday! It was a Milestone year for our family! We enjoyed dee-lish food at Ci Siamo, experienced The Rockettes Holiday Spectacular, visited the Met Cloisters and saw the Book of Mormon on Broadway! (And much, much more) Spending time together when we're home has become a rarity, so 3 days with her was a real treat, and I enjoyed every minute!

My 2021 was wonderful thanks to the support and guidance of so many people- my husband, my kids, my family, my flower family, my friends, my colleagues, my cohort, my clients, my mind/body/soul support team and my mentor coach. Having a support team is vital to living a more satisfying and fulfilling life. If you are looking for some support, remember- I'm here to help!

Now that I've shared, how about you? What are some highlights from your year?

The first few days of a New Year are the perfect time to reflect on what YOU’VE created for yourself over the past year. Sit for a bit, find some quiet and savor the goodness in your life!

Wishing all of you a JOYOUS & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!

CHEERS! Debby j

P.S. I just saw the re-make of West Side Story by Steven Spielberg. I highly recommend it! It was PHENOMENAL!


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