Are you Ready to Create Your 2022 Vision?

Introducing a NEW! Workshop designed to help you reflect & acknowledge where you've been, so you can clear & pave a path to where you want to go. Create an inspiring, empowering, one-of-a-kind plan that will ultimately help you transform your vision into reality!

You might be feeling like you want something MORE out of life. Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed or like life is passing you by. 

You might feel more on top of your Boss Lady game when you GET AHEAD and plan for the upcoming business year. 

My NEW! Create Your 2022 Vision Workshop is the PERFECT opportunity to IGNITE your imagination and CONNECT with like-minded Women. Take time to CREATE a more satisfying & fulfilling life and CREATE a more smooth, steady & sustainable business!

I just couldn't help myself...

In my work with The Roots Group, I have the opportunity to align my purpose with my work. What's my purpose- to use my high energy and passion for all things personal & professional growth to help other Women create a better life and a better business.

Also, like you, I'm an ambitious, goal & growth-oriented Gal, who genuinely enjoys serving others. For these reasons combined, I felt compelled to offer 2 options:

  • a Personal Vision Workshop- for your life
  • a Professional Vision Workshop- for your business

In both the Personal Vision Workshop and the Professional Vision Workshop…

I'll teach you the same planning steps I take at the start of every year to get clear about what matters most and what I want most. I've trusted these steps every year since 2016, and as a result I am a stronger & more confident business owner and a stronger & more healthy person- mentally, emotionally, physically and even financially.

The small action steps you'll be creating...

They make a BIG IMPACT all thanks to a MAGICAL ingredient: the WHO factor! When your actions, big or small, are aligned with a bigger intention for WHO you want to become as a result of your actions, you're more likely to DO them. It's the difference between action steps that remain written in the pages of a plan and action steps that you actually follow thru on to completion. I'll teach you all about the WHO factor and how you can apply it to all your actions in 2022 to really PACK a PUNCH!

The ultimate goal for most of us is to live a more satisfying and fulfilling life!

While I cannot promise to transform your entire life in 4 short weeks, I can help you create the momentum you need to get the merry-go-round of your life or business spinning. At the end of the 4 week Create Your 2022 Vision Workshop, you'll walk away with an inspiring & detailed plan for your journey into the New Year. You'll be empowered to confidently begin taking steps along a path of your own design- a path paved with the potential for POSITIVE CHANGE.

So, what are you waiting for?


  • The 4 (60 min.) Sessions are your gift of time and the perfect excuse for you to slow down and work ON yourself or ON your business (not just IN it). Show up exactly as you are, because making time for yourself is a BIG DEAL!


  • The Workshop is interactive, which means you'll actually be creating your plan in each Session and collaborating with like-minded Women. From the get-go, you'll feel like you're making progress & making the most of your time.


  • This Group will take an oath of confidentiality, to keep all conversations private and to support without judgement. I will set that tone at the top. That means you can be honest and authentically you, for your own good.

Click here to read all the details about my NEW! Create Your 2022 Vision Workshop!

  • SAVE YOUR SPOT today!
  • Seating limited to 16 Women per Workshop.
  • Registration for December closes on 12/6/21 at 10pm CST.

It'll be worth the read!

I'll share information that may be a good reminder (the stuff you already know) or just may blow your mind (the new, perspective-shifting, really valuable stuff).

I'll also share updates and launches on my newest programs and workshops, so you'll want to be first to know!

I look forward to helping you GROW!