Live in Possibility

Music teacher and conductor, Benjamin Zander, shares his unique perspective on the topic of growth and learning in his WILDLY inspiring presentation: The Art of Possibility.  

As we go about and engage in the world around us, we can choose to exist in what Zander refers to as a downward spiral (negative thought/talk) or choose to radiate in what he refers to as infinite possibility (positivity, optimism, hope). How we choose to SHOW UP greatly influences our relationships with others, our relationship with self AND the response we get in return in both cases.

If you find yourself caught in the downward spiral with yourself:

  • acknowledge that (maybe even laugh at yourself) and
  • try again

If you find yourself caught in a downward spiral that you're inflicting onto someone else:

  • acknowledge that
  • ask for forgiveness and then...
  • ask for a DO-OVER (try again)

I like to say SEE THE GOOD, DO THE GOOD, BE THE GOOD. If you are looking for the good in yourself and others, you're more likely to take actions that feel good (and receive a good-feeling response in return); therefore, you will be a source of good RADIATING out into the world! And to me, that sounds like living in possibility!

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