Living In Your Values

As you navigate the journey of life, you (sometimes unknowingly) choose to orient around your wants, desires, needs or values. We all go through seasons in which one of these factors is the primary force influencing our way of being and doing in the world. What's interesting is- whatever force you choose to be driven by heavily impacts the level of satisfaction and fulfillment you're currently experiencing.

Wants and desires are temporary and typically a "thing" you can check-off your list once acquired.

Needs are emotionally based and drive behavior (oftentimes unproductive behavior); however once satisfied, needs disappear.

Values are the part of you which is YOU. Values are what you are naturally inclined to do, without effort or even goal-setting. Values determine WHO you are, WHAT you want and HOW you live.

Have you ever felt PULLED towards doing something vs. being pushed? You were most likely living in your values.

What's magical is- once your needs are satisfied and you begin living in your values, your wants and desires simplify or diminish. Exploring your values is like taking one step towards an easier, more enjoyable and more fulfilling life.

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And when you dive in, take your time on each of the 5 steps. After all, life is a journey.

P.S. I wish I could show the entirety of the picture above. This photo was taken after 2.5hrs of hiking to The Narrows (aka Wall Street) at Zion National Park. It was undoubtedly the most ADVENTUROUS hike I'd ever been on! I highly recommend it!


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