quick favor...

I am working on my outline for a NEW PROGRAM- a Creating Your 2022 Vision Workshop (or as I've been saying 2020- Take 2!) . 
NOTE: I am planning to offer this Workshop to ALL Women, whether you:
• own a business
• work in a business or 
• work in your home 
• (yep, that's right- I'm opening this up to all Women out there, whether you work for yourself, someone else OR have chosen to focus on creating a beautiful life for your family). 

I would really appreciate your insight so that I can tailor the experience to YOUR NEEDS! I know your time is valuable, so I created a survey that takes less than 1 minute to complete.

Click on this link to share your insights & take the SUPER QUICK survey...

Before you leave this page, one last request...
If you know a friend who may be interested in such a Workshop, PLEASE SHARE this survey. THANK YOU, in advance for your time and opinion!

Debby J



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