The Value of a Name

How often do you realize weeks or months after knowing someone that you've been mis-spelling or mis-pronouncing their name the whole time? It's in that moment when you realize you've made a mistake, that something so SIMPLE can hold so much VALUE.

In passing, saying or spelling someone's name incorrectly may not be a big deal, but for someone with whom you have a relationship, knowing how to spell and pronounce their name can show just how much you value not only their name, but more-so them as a person and your relationship.
When you find yourself in a moment of awareness, a simple fix exists- all you gotta do is ask! "How do I pronounce your name? How do I spell your name?" Asking shows that THEY MATTER to you. 

Once you begin asking, others will notice and follow suit, creating a positive ripple effect.

Who sees value in me- two of my besties who have always spelled my name correctly. And guess what? I've done the same thing for the unique spelling of their names, too- Sara and Kirsten.

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