Balance...what is it to YOU?

Today’s random topic out of my bronze box of ideas…

Balance- what is it to YOU?

The first thought that comes to mind when I read this topic is…is there really such a thing as “balance?” I talk to Clients about this A LOT.

I’m picturing a seesaw on a playground. Perfect balance would look like the same amount of weight applied to each side and then- no movement, perfect stillness, perfect balance.

Is that even possible? Even if 2 people on each end of the seesaw weighed the exact same amount, there would be wiggling and adjusting that would tip the structure, resulting in a constant ebb and flow, back and forth from the central balancing point.

I see “life in balance” as more of “life in FLOW.” I attempt to stay near my own central balancing point- my alignment with my best self. And when things don’t go exactly as planned, my willingness to ACCEPT, ALLOW & PLAY with the inevitable ebb and flow of life enables me to respond more positively and productively.

What can you ACCEPT, ALLOW & PLAY with, to help you live in a state of FLOW?

-Debby J.

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