Finding Common Ground

Common Ground

In Coaching, we believe in a set of 9 Guiding Principles (GPs)- fundamental principles or truths about the nature of people. GP #1 is: People have something in common. This brings me to today's topic...

As humans, so much about each of us is unique, yet we all possess a common inner quality: we all need and desire love, respect and being of value. This is our common ground of being.

People often lose touch with it, becoming disconnected, distracted and judgmental in their interactions with others.

The alternative is to CONNECT with it. When we become deeply rooted in a belief that we share the common ground of being human, our interactions with others will be more enjoyable.

This new way of behaving and interacting with others can lead us away from competition and judgment, towards collaboration and acceptance.

I think the whole world could use a little more of this principle. If you agree, check back in tomorrow and watch my weekly 4Tips in 40Seconds video titled: 4 Steps you can take to CONNECT and find common ground of being in everyday conversations. 

Until then, sending you GOOD VIBES!



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