Boost Your Mood in 4 Simple Steps

Today's 4 Tips in 40 Seconds...

When it comes to shifting your energy, what I know for sure is the stories we tell ourselves have power. Be mindful to CHOOSE a good feeling story. If you’re not feeling “in the mood” to be positive or happy, try a “mood booster.” 

4 Tips on How to Boost Your Mood When You're Feeling Blah:
FIRST-  RECOGNIZE that you feel blah and DECIDE you want to change that
1.. Take a DEEP BREATH, close your eyes and GET PRESENT
2. THINK of a happy memory and RECALL it in great detail 
3. NOTICE the positive sensations that begin moving through your mind and body
4. SAVOR the mood boost you've created & CARRY it with you moving forward

Recalling a happy memory when you're feeling low is a gentle reminder that life ebbs and flows. You've been happy before and you can be happy again. 

BONUS step:
Once you've boosted your mood, pay attention to how this impacts the rest of your day. 
  • How can you show up differently to hold onto the positive sensations? 
  • How can you remove those obstacles that get in the way of your being happy? 

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