Four weeks in 2024 and this may be just what you need to stay inspired...

Last week I teased you about sharing the "word of the year" concept. I also shared my Word for 2024 is "INTRODUCING," and it's motivating me to write this (even though I'm on vacation, and what I really want to do is go to bed, but my word is reminding me how excited I am to INTRODUCE my favorite part of yearly planning to YOU).

Without further ado, I'm here to INTRODUCE you to a concept that may be just what you need to stay inspired and motivated in 2024!

You may have heard of this concept before, referred to as a yearly "theme." Whatever you call it, having one, BIG, inspiring word to guide you over the next 12 months can transform the way you approach 2024 (and every year after).

(before you dive in, PRINT this blog post. don't just flag it because you're not likely to come back to it. Actually PRINT and then, schedule a block of time on your calendar to engage in the exercise in the next 7 days, and put the printed post in a place where you can easily remind yourself- "hey, I wanted to complete that exercise from Debby J. and what d'ya know- here it is.")

(and if you'd like additional support- follow this link and schedule 4 Calls to Clarity. Let's partner to create your inspiring word AND explore how to make it work for YOU!)


Why choose only one word to express the whole of 2024:

With everything you're juggling (personal and professional), it's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and lose sight of the bigger picture. That's where the power of a word or theme comes into play. It serves as a beacon of inspiration, a reminder of your purpose, and a source of motivation throughout the year. (all that might sound real jargon-y, but dang, it's true. you might want to read that again.)

Choosing your one, BIG, inspiring word of the year is more than a task to check off your yearly planning list- it's a strategic tool that can bring clarity and focus. When you're feeling indecisive or overwhelmed, your word (or theme) becomes your North Star, guiding you to make decisions and take actions that are in alignment with your long-term vision. When you get off track, notice your misalignment with your word. Your word will help you better understand how you got yourself into the kerfluffle in the first place. And when you're on track, notice your alignment with your word. Your word will align with your wins (which feels REALLY GOOD).


How to choose your word: This is the FUN part!

Start by considering your goals, values, and the areas of your business and life that you want to prioritize. Grab some paper and pen (or your computer) and ask yourself:

  • What goals do you want to achieve in 2024?
    • your word will encapsulate the essence of your goals
  • What areas of life or business need attention or growth?
    • your word will act as a catalyst for positive change
  • What inspires you and ignites your passion?
    • your word will evoke positive emotions, align with your aspirations and serve as an inspiring & motivating reminder for you throughout the year

Now, look at your answers to those 3 questions and identify common words or themes that stand out and feel empowering and exciting (or motivating and challenging, if that's how you'd like to feel in 2024).

Words to consider:

  • Courage, Fearless, Resilience
  • Authenticity, Harmony, Growth
  • Abundance, Ease, Effortless
  • Strength, Stability, Steadfast
  • Radiance, Catalyst, Connection
  • Simplify, Heal, Release

One last note about choosing your word: I know some of you will have trouble choosing one word. Give yourself permission to choose two words along with a short phrase to expand on the meaning, for you. What matters most is how you FEEL in response to your word(s). You're going for quality over quantity.

Not quite feeling it with your list of words? Use the thesaurus to explore other words that may ignite a BIGGER spark of emotion within you.


Making your word work for you:

Once you've chosen your Word for 2024, it's VERY important to do something with it (i.e. don't let it live in a journal where it never sees the light of day). Here are a few ideas for how you can integrate your word into daily life (both personal and professional):

  • Create a Visual Reminder: (my favorite step!)
    • find a photo(s) that represents your word and evokes a feel-good emotional response in you
    • use that photo as your screensaver on your phone or computer
    • design a vision board and place it somewhere you see on a daily basis, more than once
    • use your visual(s) to reinforce your commitment and keep your word at the forefront of your mind
  • Incorporate your word into your reflective practice and planning throughout the year:
    • check-in with your word on a regular basis, when reflecting daily or in your monthly/quarterly planning
    • align your goals with your word to ensures that every decision and action contributes your the overarching word/them of the year
  • Share your word:
    • let your community and support network know about your chosen word
    • sharing your word can help you hold yourself accountable AND inspire others to partake in the exercise, too!
    • shared inspiration can amplify the impact of your word


You've got this!

As we near the end of the first month of the new year, I encourage you to embrace the power of choosing a Word for 2024! Let it be a constant companion on your journey to success, guiding you with purpose and inspiration!

Whether you reach out for help (reminder, follow this link and schedule 4 Calls to Clarity so we can co-create your word together) or move forward independently, I look forward to hearing about the incredible strides you'll make in the coming year! Remember, you are fully capable of making this your BEST YEAR EVER, and this simple, strategic tool can help you transform your vision into your reality!

CHEERS to a year filled with growth, change and transformation! And let's not forget- the realization of your wildest dreams!

Debby J.


P.S. Here's what my ChatGPT had to say about the origin of concept of the "North Star":

"The concept of the "North Star" has deep historical and navigational significance. The North Star, also known as Polaris, is a prominent star located almost directly above the North Pole. It has been used as a navigational tool for centuries, guiding travelers and sailors due north.

In navigation, finding the North Star was crucial for determining direction, especially when other landmarks or celestial bodies were not visible. Sailors would use the North Star as a reference point to maintain their course and navigate through the open seas."

P.S.S. North Star is indeed meant to be capitalized. If you wanna know why, ask ChatGPT.



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