Introducing Catie Denfeld!

Who's this CUTIE? It's CATIE!⁠

I'm honored to introduce Catie Denfeld, my Marketing & Technology Assistant! ⁠

She's been working with me from behind-the-scenes for the past 3 months, and now it is my ABSOLUTE JOY to introduce her to everyone! 

Catie studied journalism in college and also has a passion for photography. She supports me by performing tasks such as copywriting, content creation, social media management and now... giveaway creation and management!

That's right- Catie created our recent Galentine's Giveaway! ⁠I delegated with very specific instructions and high expectations and she EXCEEDED those expectations!⁠

Catie's delightful personality is like a ray of sunshine! I often show up to our weekly meetings overwhelmed and unprepared (even i don't have my shit together 100% of the time), yet I leave feeling supported and reminded that all will be well & life is good!

FUN FACT: I've known Catie since she was born, as she's the daughter of a man I consider my brother-from-another-mother, Steve Denfeld! Just like her Dad, she has a LOVE of all things VW, and owns the most adorable orange VW Bus named Penelope! 

You're going to have OODLES of opportunities to get to know Catie more, so for now jump on over to our Instagram and give Catie a warm WELCOME & WELL WISHES!


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